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12 Reasons John Barrowman Is The Best Celebrity To Meet At A Convention

O Captain! My Captain! John Barrowman (Torchwood, Doctor Who) is having a blast with fans in these photo opps… like we’d expect anything less from Captain Jack Harkness.

1. He’s all limbered up…

2. …and ready to do a kickline with you!

3. Look at him smoldering for the camera.

4. Total ladies’ man.

5. Total man’s man.

6. He’s great with kids, too!

The girl came up with the idea for this pose. Of course John agreed. Of course.

7. Even Dalek kids!

8. It’s like he’s just as excited to meet the fans as they are to meet him.

9. He’s so huggable!

10. Who wouldn’t want to be his sidekick?

11. And even if you can’t be at Phoenix Comicon, he’ll say hi (and blow you a raspberry).

12. The psychic paper doesn’t lie! We love John Barrowman.

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