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12 Small Changes That Make Movie Villains A Lot Less Terrifying (Photos)


If you’re like me, you don’t need an excuse to sit on the couch for a couple of hours and watch a mindless horror movie; however, a lot of people wait until October to get their fix of scary cinema in preparation for Halloween.

Movie villains have served as nightmare fuel since Nosferatu first appeared on screen, and over the past century, Hollywood has produced a steady stream of monsters and supernatural beings capable of scarring unsuspecting children for the rest of their lives.

I decided to do what I could to make some of the more iconic horror movie villains of all-time a little less horrific. I soon discovered that one simple change can have quite the impact when it comes to minimizing just how terrifying these characters are.

They’re not as effective for vampire things, but they look so much cooler.


It’s hard to be scared of sharks when they look so ridiculous.


It’s amazing what a difference a little makeup can make.


Frankenstein’s Monster was a zombie before it was even cool.


It’s scary how good his kebabs are.


This might actually make him scarier.


I like to think the zombie apocalypse will have a sense of humor.


Monsters are a lot less intimidating when they’re wearing a giant sombrero.


The same principle applies in this scenario.


Michael Myers is terrifying; Mike Myers is not.


 You’ll make the same face when you hear about this week’s sales!

scream-ghostface copy copyscream-ghostface copy copy

Leatherface is just trying to get some landscaping done


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