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Sequoia celebrates National Cat Day With Kansas Jayhawks Pet Collar My calico Persian kitty, Sequoia (Koi Koi) puts on her “Punkin’ Head Show” in honor of National Cat Day today. MUSIC CREDITS *****…

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letseeitplease says:

very nice video, nice cat,

Eve Ellsworth says:

The tribble looks embarrassed.

newcamomile says:

I have always loved Sequoia’s lynx-like tips to her ears – never seen this on a Persian cat before but associated it with Maine Coons. But, Koi Koi does like being special 🙂

Mythicbells says:

Sequoia is SCRUMDILLYUNCTIOUS! meaning she is SO fun to hug even when she growls at me. I love her thick fur. It’s a bit more like soft curly wool rather than silky soft like Gypsy Rose’s. If I can just keep her tummy and legs knot free this winter. Not easy to do. She is just so cute and puffy!

Mythicbells says:

I don’t 🙁

Mythicbells says:

I know! and just the way she likes it 😀

Mythicbells says:

‘Punkin’ Head Show” originated from the same source many of the Mythicbells “isms” come from. You all. This one in particular was started by someone watching Sequoia do her routine on KittyCam.

Mythicbells says:

Finally! I can see and respond to the comment. Yes, it would be fun to get them all together… 😀

ShiraDamiraBirdyBlue says:

I mean it’s only completely natural to celebrate with all off them.

ShiraDamiraBirdyBlue says:

You should be celebrating with all your kitties on camera!!

Anita-Rose Trucillo says:

Just as Marianne is a national emblem of France you should be the national emblem for National Cat Day. Why? Because you are an incredibly beautiful, happy, healthy and playful kitty.

Fur Baby says:

Happy National Cat Day!! 😀 Sequoia is celebrating in style! She is so cute, clever and fluffy!

MrDirtyharry53 says:

Make that Days

MrDirtyharry53 says:

364 dyas of cat day, one day to rest …lol

rob ford says:

Getting stressed playing with those fur balls huh?

Mythicbells says:

Well this is irritating! I’m getting all of your comments via email, but can’t see them under the video, nor can I respond to them. I will respond as soon at YouTube gets over whatever glitch is causing this.

Frances Hallen says:

So sweet & energetic. Where did the “punkin’ head” come from?

carschmn says:

Notice Koi Koi allows no costars.

Maureen Bax says:

Sequoia wins the best actress of the show, she is a ball of energy. Molly do you have the video of Sequoia pulling herself on the floor under a wooden chair?

RaenefWyvern says:

Yay! More punkin head show! XD

Betsy Manning says:

Only one day!!! I thought it was everyday! Sequoia is such a feather duster! So cute!

Nuria Losada Granda says:

love sequoia!!

cookiecrumsyums says:

I knew it was cat day!

Amina Bradley says:

We love her fluffy paws and her eyes! Beautiful beautiful Sequoia, and soooo playful!

Kim McCarthy says:

When you scratched her back at the end, I found myself wondering, is her fur soft? Sometimes long haired kitties’ fur feels a little tougher or matted in the hips area. Her belly looks very soft.  She is so pretty!

roxy zare says:

first and ssssooooooooooo cuteeeee!!!!!!!!! °-°

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