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16. Safe Now – Captain Phillips Soundtrack

Safe Now Captain Phillips Soundtrack Music by Henry Jackman Tracklist: 01. Choose Your Crew 02. Maersk Alabama 03. This Is Not A Drill 04. Second Attack 05. …

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Fischstix95 says:

Yeah it does sound a lot like time, but let’s not let that defer from how great both songs are.

Kamyar Khamoush says:

This is a hybrid of ‘Time’ and a ‘Small measure of peace’, both from Hans zimmer. Henry Jackman is a closet DJ.

N1vek215 says:

I completely thought this was a remix of Time

Timothy Mably says:

Nice insight! Apparently Hans was thanked in the credits so I’m sure it wasn’t a complete ripoff.

NuclearKittenVFX says:

not surprising, given henry jackman is hans zimmer’s student

spencemerrick says:

As I watched the final part of this movie I thought, “Oh, Hans Zimmer did this soundtrack?” Zimmer’s known to recycle a lot of parts from his soundtracks, and this was definitely just like “Time” from “Inception.” (And maybe a little like “Journey to the Line” from “The Thin Red Line.”) But nope, not Zimmer. This is just a blatant ripoff by Henry Jackman.

Austin Vetter says:

Time by Hans Zimmer

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