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16 Weirdly Specific iTunes Essentials Mixes

1. Bro Rock

Deep Cuts includes Godsmack, Hoobastank and Papa Roach. A reviewer has this to say of the mix: “nah, brah.”

2. Soccer Mom Chillout

Being a soccer mom can be stressful, and for all the soccer-mom woes, a little Jack Johnson chillout is in order.

3. Latin Songs For Household Chores

Description: “And who doesn’t enjoy a lowrider groove when gardening?” What.

4. Funerals: Songs of Mourning

A playlist for all your funeral mourning needs here.

5. Cee-Lo’s Purrfect Mix

Cee-lo created this mix on iTunes for his cat.

6. Indie Wedding

Songs for those craving a bit of exceptionalism at their nuptials. Just a bit, but not too much.

7. Medieval Chants

Chill to the illest monkwave music, y’all.

8. Mexican Restaurant

There are also the Italian Restaurant and French Dinner Party Essential mixes.

9. Gay Pride: Girls

If you’re wondering what songs to play when a lesbian character walks on screen on the sitcom script you’re writing, iTunes thinks these are safe bets.

10. Gay Pride: Boys

Ditto here.

11. Recovery Songs

Songs for when you’re strapped to a hospital bed. You’re guaranteed to hate the songs afterwards.

12. Soldier Song

Songs for when you’re getting shipped out to Iraq.

13. More Cowbell

Riding that Christopher Walkens buzz a decade later.

14. Father/Daughter Dance Jams

72 songs for the father/daughter wedding slow dance.

15. Yacht Rock

Your yacht is seriously missing some MJ.

16. Godsmack Essentials

Godsmack You! Black Emperor.

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