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2 days after I moved to Oregon, this little guy showed up at my doorstep. Meet Ounce.


LadyHaywire says:

Does he like dubstep? Ounce ounce ounce……I’ll leave.

LittleAutumnLeaves says:

You mean you showed up on HIS doorstep.

CiriusTrio says:

Ounce loves to listen to Dubstep and techno. You can often hear him in the distance speaking in third person “Ounce ounce ounce ounce”

thegr33k says:

More pounce to the Ounce

Nounce says:

Am I relevant now?

owlstop says:

New York’s hottest club is OUNCE.

thebends225 says:

“Look, a new human moved into the neighborhood 2 days ago.” – Cat

ohnomnom says:

Put a bird on it.

HogwartsToiletSeat says:

Oregon? You mean Washington 2?

notthebesteverbutjustokay says:

Welcome to the northwest :). I hope you love it as much as me!

RuthlessInTheFaceOfBeauty says:

Do you call him oz. for short?

zeldar says:

He’s going to earn your trust and murder your family

workmann says:

Well, “Something Stupid” fits.

Bharroth says:

Make sure he’s not chipped. Don’t steal people’s outdoor cats.

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