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200 Pack [100-PAIRS] SunFX Disposable Sticky Feet Protectors for Spray Tanning

SunFX Sticky Feet come in packs of 100 pairs. that’s 200 feet. Easy convenient, hygienic and the most cost effective option to protect your feet when spray tanning.

Product Features

  • Disposable Sticky Feet Protectors-Trade Marked to SunFX
  • Unlike towels or other methods SunFX Sticky Feet prevent any chance of dirty stained feet or foot disease
  • Superior quality, hygienic and easy to use disposable foot protectors
  • 100% recyclable cardboard, most affordable feet protection for your tanning requirements
  • 100 PAIRS/200 feet

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Anonymous says:

GREAT! a lot of people had a hard time getting these little square stickys paper off to wear them.. so did i with having nails and then would sometimes poke into the paper trying to get it off which then i had to waste it and give the client another one. also a couple only had one sticky and none on the bottom -so again, i had to throw it away. too many i couldn’t use. wasted. good thing is that they are recyclable but then after sprayed with spray tan solution should we still recycle it ? being…

Anonymous says:

Love Love LOVE!I was buying sticky feet from another place for awhile which were like these. The company changed them and made them a foot sticker that completely peels. Well when it came time to take them off my client’s feet – IT WOULDN’T COME OFF. No joke, I would have to RIP THEM and it would leave pieces.I searched and found these. I bought 1 pack just to try and wow, what a difference. They’re cardboard with 2 simple peel of areas at the top and bottom. They stick…

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