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21 Animals And Items That Need To Be Pokémon

Gotta catch’em all! Also, need to create’em all, Game Freak! BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1409944494); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3438326”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1409944494); });

1. Capybara


View this image › / Via Wikipedia

The capybara is the largest known rodent in the world. It would fit perfectly as a region’s normal rodent type!

2. Flamingo


View this image › / Via Wikipedia

I was quite said when Spritzee didn’t evolve into a flamingo, or witch doctor inspired flamingo. Water/Flying, Water/Fairy or Fairy/Flying could work.

3. Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

View this image › / Via Wikipedia

Coffee beans? Yeah! Think of how Exeggcute works with six random eggs, but with coffee beans. Likely Dark-type only.

4. Computer Mouse

Computer Mouse

View this image › / Via Inewidea

This could be the next generations Electric-mouse! It could be Electric/Steel and look more like a real mouse than a computer mouse.

5. Cattail


View this image ›

Just imagine you’re wading through a swampy area and the cattails start attacking you! Definitely a Water/Grass type.

6. Andrew W.K. Party Trio

Andrew W.K. Party Trio

View this image › / Via Calm Down Tom

Andrew W.K. is the world’s best partier and would be incredible inspiration for a legendary Pokémon trio. The trio would each have W.K.’s signature long, sweaty hair, but represent the three different stages of partying: Pre-Party (Normal/Electric Type), Party (Electric), After-Party (Water/Electric (Water from the sweat!)).

I would love to see some fan-art for this!

7. Gargoyle


View this image › / Via Weebly

One could argue that Gligar/Gliscor are gargoyles, but I argue they aren’t because they are Ground/Flying, not Rock/Flying!

8. Koala


View this image › / Via Tumblr

Koalas (which aren’t actually bears) would fit the cutesy mold of certain Pokémon, but could be a mean little bugger too. Grass type.

9. Video Camera

Video Camera

View this image ›

Since Pokémon are used alongside humans for certain needs, couldn’t you see a video camera Pokémon along side a journalist or a police officer (in the Pokémon Universe)? The tripod would be its legs, and it could be a Fairy/Dark type. Fairy for the whimsical nature of film-making and Dark type for film-noir!

10. Bookshelf


View this image › / Via Dovetail

Think of the bookshelf moving like Cofagrigus. Normal/Ghost type.

11. Donkey


View this image › / Via Eleven Books

Pokémon needs more farm animals! Normal type.

12. Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper

View this image › / Via Bio News

No, not Anthony Kiedis or Flea, but rather a real chili pepper! Fire/Grass type.

13. Red Panda

21 Animals And Items That Need To Be Pokémon

View this image › / Via Imgur

Red pandas are too cute to not have in the Pokémon world. Fire type or Electric type!

14. Clown


View this image › / Via NY Daily News

Many people are scared of clowns, so why not make it into a horror-based Pokémon? No, Mr. Mime is not truly a clown (though it says so on Bulbapedia). Psychic/Dark

15. Jaguar Warrior

Jaguar Warrior

View this image ›

(Relevant to those that played Age of Empires.)

Jaguar and Aztec inspired bipedal fighting type Pokémon

16. Gluten


View this image › / Via The Ness

May as well ride the wave of the fad that is gluten, well gluten-free that is. I guess normal type?

17. Buzzfeed


View this image › / Via PBS


Electric/Fairy type because a) the buzz part and b) Buzzfeed is full of whimsy like fairy types are!

18. Bumblebee


View this image › / Via Clip Art

So we have Beedrill, Combee and Vespiquen, so why do we need a bumblebee? Because none of those are chubby and cute like bumblebees are! Combee males don’t evolve either so this could be their evolution! Bug/Flying.

19. Hummingbird


View this image › / Via Wikimotive

Hummingbirds are such a fascinating bird and I believe they deserve a place in the Pokémon Universe as well. I could see a hummingbird being a pre-evolution to Skarmory! Steel/Flying, or just Flying type!

20. Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

View this image › / Via Simpsons

This is more of an abstract design, but possibly a nuclear plant’s smokestack based Pokémon? Electric type and it could have a nuclear waste evolution that becomes Electric/Poison!

21. Camel Spider

21 Animals And Items That Need To Be Pokémon

View this image › / Via Cheezburger

I’ll spare those scared of spiders a picture, but camel spiders are desert based, petrifying looking spiders. They would be Rock/Poison type.

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