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21 Cozy Makeshift Reading Nooks

1. Prop up some old tires.

2. Fill an inflatable pool with pillows.


3. Create a two-tier book loft with bookshelves.

4. Build an igloo out of milk jugs.


5. Make this easy teepee fort for like, no money.


6. Build an outdoor reading nook with pallets.

7. Place a round canopy over a beanbag.

9. Prop up a huge body pillow in the corner of the room.

You can get a similar pillow here for $55.

10. Use a deep big shelf that’s big enough to climb into.

11. Section an area off with a bookshelf or dresser.

Make sure there’s lots of natural light. Add a giant cushion and VOILA. Instant plot of reading land.

12. Toss down some floor cushions.

13. Place pillows on a coffee table.

14. Utilize the dead space in a stair landing.

15. Throw some old sofa cushions on the floor.

16. Give the nook a theme, like “camping.”

17. This one is “beneath the apple tree.”


18. Turn a fireplace into a nook with string lights and pillows.


19. Delineate your area with rugs.

20. Make a hanging swing chair.


Get the directions here.

21. Reuse an old crib mattress.


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