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22 Looks Justin Timberlake Needs To Bring Back Right Now

1. The “Borrowed My Little Sister’s Shirt” look:

2. The “Pajamas That Say Your Own Name” look:

3. The “Stole My Mom’s Sunglasses” look:

4. The “Totally Ineffective Camouflage Pants” look:

5. The “Human Banana” look:

6. The “Your Creepy Uncle On Vacation In Hawaii” look:

7. The “Magician Whose Clothes Are All Oversized Hand-Me-Downs” look:

8. The “High School Musical Cast Me As A Cab Driver” look:

9. The “Maybe, In Retrospect, The ’90s Were Actually Horrible” look:

10. The “New American Flag” look:

11. The “Totally Impractical Leather Vest” look:

12. The “Totally Practical Turtleneck Sweater” look:

13. The “Christian Rainbow” look:

14. The “I’m Pretty Sure You Can’t Get The Number 1 1/2 In Professional Basketball” look:

15. The “White Guy Cornrows” look:

16. The “???” look:

17. The “Super Creepy Puppetmaster” look:

18. The “Fell Face-first Into A Pile Of Glitter In A First Grade Classroom” look:

19. The “Turned A Pair Of Old Underwear Into A Do-Rag” look:

20. The “Rejected Spaceman/Puff Daddy Music Video Extra” look:

21. The “Waiter Who Won’t Leave You Alone” look:

22. And, finally, the ICONIC “Ramen Noodle Hair” look:

We need you back, Ramen Noodle hair. We need you.

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