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23 Beyoncé-Inspired Things You Can Buy On Etsy

1. This saintly print.


2. This v. informative eye chart.

Get it here.

3. These “Upgrade U” earrings.

Upgrade yr ears.

4. This Destiny’s Child camera case.

The seller describes it as “seapunk,” so, okay.

5. These Jay-Z and Beyoncé stickers.

Just $1 for true love.

6. This mind-blowing artwork.

I want to live in it.

7. This trite but true phone case.

Don’t support the cliché, do support the message.

8. This highly literal fridge magnet.

They’re watching you snack.

9. And these “Wonder Women” bottle cap magnets.

Seems like a pretty solid dinner party.

10. This soap.

Smell like the Queen herself.

11. This knockoff Louis Vuitton “Say My Name” bag.

Soon everyone will have one.

12. This Tinder tank.

Rejection is sweeter when it comes from Beyoncé.

13. This important message.

Hallmark missed the boat on these.

14. This guitar pick belly button ring?

Alright sure.

15. This goofy-yet-still-totally-charming shirt.

Get it here.

16. This “Single Ladies” light box.

Get it here.

17. This mug.

Good morning, Bey.

18. This pop art tote bag.

Get it here.

19. This phone case.

So rustic.

20. And this one.

Hey guys.

21. This uplifting bracelet.


22. This prayer candle.

Pray to be more like her.

23. This baby onesie.

It’s never too early.

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