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24 hours w/ Damon Dash as he runs the Rocafella empire (2004) (Part 1)


Shawn Carter says:

which is somethin artists should learn how to do . yes he built the rocafella brand and helped jigga … i don’t know where everybody else career went but whoever was looking after jigga looked out for real and it so happen to be himself . Behind closed doors he was working on a plan .

andrew starr says:

eminem didnt???? ever heard of 50 cent.

andrew starr says:


anubis blackngold says:

The Roc was successful, no Jay was succcesful? Name one artist cultivated by them other than Jay that was really successful, and not Kanye because he was signed by them after producing not brought up by them? In fact name any major artist that had a label and had a 2nd successful artist? Ruff Ryder didn’t, Puffy didn’t, Eminem didn’t, snoop didn’t, the Roc didn’t.

anubis blackngold says:

Soooooo, where is Dame now? Cuz I don’t see any more success without Jay? CEO line… gone, America Numagazine gone, Hustler Tv show gone. Look at the video by the guy that wrote The Tanning of America.

David Natale says:

He went broke because Jay isolated him and noone wanted to fuck with him. His house of cards came crashing down. He should got down with the illuminati too and he’d be sittin pretty

Danielle Haughton says:

Ewww, I know Damon didn’t kiss that woman on the lips @ 2:46?

Michael Yankton says:

Jay’s best friends are Ty Ty & B high who run Roc Nation & he’s known them both since he was 5, if that’s not loyalty i don’t know what is, ask Emory Jones if Jay isn’t loyal

utubegirl says:

So true. Dash’s arrogance was off the charts back then. Now, he has nothing and has to eat humble pie.

gksalldaybaby says:

reporter chico with glasses was hot

freakyoboy says:

jay is a snake no loyalty

RealistTruth says:

When Jay and Dame own the roc it was successful, but when jay took over… it crumble very quickly.The only successful artist afterward which jay had was kanye who was signed by none other than dame. The artists that jay so happen to sign when prez of def jam were scouted by def jam exes but since he was president of the company,he was the one who was given the credit.Jay uses his name as credibity to any company he owns, he does’nt do the daytoday tasks like Dame does to make a company succeed.

willeng84 says:

Dame was a double edged sword. He was a fucking ball breaker in business which is EXACTLY what you want on your team. Get down with the ROC or get the fuck down mentality. On the other hand he started to live a REALLY expensive lifestyle and was throwing money at trash business ideas he didn’t even have. At the end of the day the ROC may have broken up anyway but Dame could have avoided alot by staying a little more humble.

lamarodom says:

part 2 anytime soon? appreciate it

JackieChiles007 says:

You mad bro? My comment has nothing to do with his wealth or success. Dame was a ruthless dude when he was in the game, Jay knew this and look at the outcome. I didn’t say anything about what he did when he was on top, if you actually read the comment you would get what I mean and take Dames dick out your mouth. Your reply was nothing but a little kid “in ya moms basement playing video games and tuggin Dames meat!

JackieChiles007 says:

I know Dame built The Roc and branding and marketing but where is he now is all I’m saying. Doesn’t matter who built what, who is the genius with it all? Jay not Dame!!

DJCottonHere says:

Nah Dame is the one who is responsible for building the Rocafella brand. Jay is a great rapper but he’s really only good at promoting himself.

JackieChiles007 says:

Where did all that arrogance get him? Everyone thinks Dame is a genius but in reality Jay was the genius behind close doors and at the end of the day Jay left with EVERYTHING !!

David Malbranque says:

@djcottonhere where part 2 bruh bruh

Fresh Sinatra says:

yo i need part 1 through 1000…i need to see more this looks like it was on sleep..i never seen this and dame my guy…

Rick Owens says:

where is part 2 mann for real. we need it

Rick Owens says:

where is part 2 mann for real. we need i

Solitude100523 says:

@DJCottonHere Ok CooL Thanx 4 Letting Me know,

DJCottonHere says:

I’ll actually make the entire video of this available very soon

Solitude100523 says:

@ DJCottonHere where’s part 2?

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