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25 Lifehacks That Will Make Things Easier For You

People constantly find ways to cleverly make things easier for them. Turning ordinary tools to things with more relevant uses, coming up with faster processes other than the already fast process that we normally follow and basically just using common sense, which is not so common sometimes, to get through the chores that we have to face daily. Ingenuity, creativity and sometimes with just simple practicality, these 25 lifehacks that will make things easier for you were developed to help you keep your lives stress-free.

25. Recycled Uncooked Pasta Keepers Sure there are a lot of pasta keepers you can buy at the grocers but why spend extra for those when potato chip canisters can keep them dry, too. Think about it, these canisters are made to keep your potato chips fresh and crisp even after you’ve already opened it so it’s going to work that way with your pasta, too.

24. Cats and Boxes For those of you with cats who find yourselves constantly moving them off your keyboard, use a shoebox. For some reason cats love shoeboxes.

23. Heating up Leftover Pizza in the Microwave Heating anything made of cereal in the microwave will make it dry. A small amount of water in a glass with your pizza when heated in a microwave can keep your pizza crusts crunchy in the outside and soft in the inside. Sprinkling water on your bread before heating can also keep it from turning tough and stone hard.

22. Finding Missing Jewelry Ever lost a teeny piece of earring on your faux fur rug or on any hard to reach crevice? Tie a pantyhose or any lady’s stocking on the end of a vacuum tube and aim it on the possible places where it ended up and if it’s really there as you suspect it then the stocking would filter it while being sucked up by the vacuum.

21. Storing Cleaning Supplies Not only are they dangerous for kids, quite often they get disorganized and end up in one big mess of cleaners. A hanging shoe rack is one way to solve your problem.

20. Painting With Limited Mess Slip a wide rubberband in the cross section of your can of paint and you’ll find it less messier to slide the bristles of the brush to drip the excess paint along it than sliding it on the inner rim of the can where the excess paint can easily drip on the sides.

19. Crunchy Taco Bowls Coat the preheated tortillas with cooking spray and nestle them in between the 4 cups of the upturned muffin tray. Bake for 15 minutes and you’ll have crunchy taco bowls that are evenly browned and formed.

18. Folding Fitted Bed Sheets Follow the steps in the illustration and your fitted sheets won’t be so annoyingly bulky after you fold them.

17. Organizing Power Cords Bread clips aren’t just for making sure your loaves of bread are still fresh while in storage. You can attach them on cords so it’s easy for you to figure out which cord is what without tugging at them and see where it is connected to. You can have them color coded or just write on them with a marker.

16. Condiment Tray After a bbq or a cookout, the dirty dishes are piled up and you’re forced to deal with them rather than sit back and enjoy the rest of the day peacefully. Muffin trays, especially the disposable ones can come in handy so you’ll only have one piece of container to put in all the mustard, ketchup, pickles and the rest to wash or as simply as throw away.

15. Pancake Batter Squirting Bottles Making pancakes can be messy and wasteful with the bits of batter dripping on the sides of the bowl after you pour some on the pan. To make your mornings brighter and less tedious, use a funnel to transfer the batter in an empty ketchup bottle and just squirt the batter on the pan. You can even store the rest the leftover batter, if there’s any, in the fridge safely with the lid tightly in place.

14. Hammering without stubbed fingers By using a clothespin you can much more easily safe guard your appendages.

13. Tangle-free wires Hairclips aren’t just meant to keep your hair in place. It can clip on anything so might as well use it to keep your wires in order by clipping them with it neatly. You can also make it longer or shorter when you need it to without having to cut anything like tapes or rubberbands to set the wires free and adjust them.

12. How to Stack Your Clothes in a Drawer Cabinet That moment when you pull a shirt from the bottom of the pile and everything else gets toppled over is pretty annoying right? Well here’s a secret: stack them horizontally.

11. Heating Food Faster in a Microwave If your food is really frozen and you’re in a hurry, thaw it for a minute or two until it’s soft enough to dig a hole in the middle and push the food a bit to the sides of the plate. Doing this would distribute the heat better than heating in a mound on your plate.

10. Saving Old Soap Slivers That tiny sliver of soap doesn’t need to go into the trash, afterall it’s still soap and it can still be useful. Stick it on the side of the new soap after soaking it in a little warm water to make it soft and pliable so it doesn’t go to waste.

9. Chilling Wine Without Watering It Down Short of using more expensive technology, freezing grapes and using them to chill your wine will keep it from getting watered down and still achieve the desired effect.

8. How to Fill A Container with Water Through the Sink Ever been in a dilemma of putting water in a pail or any container when all you have is the faucet in the sink to fetch water from? This could be the best use of a dustpan other than of course collecting dust while sweeping. Really smart.

7. Opening Blister Packs Prying open those tough plastic blister packs can destroy your scissors and even possibly your dignity. Best practice? Use a can opener. It works wonders.

6. Hands-free Oreo Cookie Dunk It’s not just an Oreo cookie that is best eaten after dunking it in a glass of milk, you can do that it other cookies as well. Stick a fork in the middle, right through the filling and dunk it in with class.

5. Flossing Cakes, Cheeses and Other Yummy Stuff There are specially coated knives who can cut through the moistest cake or softest cheese and not have any pieces of it stuck to the sides of that cutlery. But who needs those when you have an unscented dental floss lying around. Great for clean and even slices anytime.

4. How to Keep It From Boiling Over For whatever reason, putting a spoon in the position you see here will prevent the spillage.

3. How to Remember Who Borrowed What This may sound dumb, but just take a picture. Besides, it’ll make you feel official.

2. Amazing Eggyolks Separator If you’re quick with your hands and you’ve mastered the art of separating the yolk from the whites, then good for you. Or if you’ve purchased those eggyolk separators in the market, then well, better. But if you don’t have any of those then any squeezable bottle like a mineral water bottle would work amazingly.

1. A Warm Brownie Mug in Less Than Two Minutes Want brownies but don’t feel like baking? Follow the instructions!

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