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25 Reasons Why The Playstation 4 Is Worth The Wait

Ever since Sony allowed the gaming public to catch a first glimpse of the PlayStation 4, many have been snooping about the finest details of the product. The market is excited about the release of this upcoming generation of console as Sony continues to tout its strong suits. Here are 25 reasons why the PlayStation 4 is worth the wait:

25. PlayStation 4 console is cheaper compared to other consoles.

When PlayStation 4 is released, its price will be set at $399.99. This launching price is way cheaper than the competitor.

24. PlayStation 4 has quality PS+ service to beat

Playstation’s online market and gaming hub used to lag behind its major competitor, the Xbox Live, especially when it came to responsiveness, functionality, and content. However, the new PS+ feature has improved; coupled with deals and free games the service has been brought up to par with other console services.

23. PlayStation 4 has Instant Game Collection

With the acquisition of Gaikai, Sony will be able to offer Playstation 4 owners the ability to stream a large library of previous Playstation hits.

22. PlayStation 4 does not require peripherals

Gamers where never really too enthralled with the idea of peripherals such as the Xbox Live Vision Camera, PS Eye Toy, and PlayStation Move. The Fact that the PlayStation 4 will not require any of these items is a huge plus for consumers.

21. PlayStation 4 features social media integration

Unlike other gaming consoles, PlayStation 4 remains focused on social networking or community involvement. The “Share” button on its controller makes possible social media integration and instant sharing options. Also, it allows for game recording and playing through the controller. This feature is what most gaming consoles in the market lack.

20. PlayStation 4 features more indie games than other gaming consoles

PlayStation 4 is said to be more “indie friendly” than other gaming consoles. This is because it showcased more than half a dozen of indie games at E3 this year—something that not all gaming consoles do. Sony continues to buy tons of small independent development teams around the world.

19. PlayStation 4 has huge momentum

While the current console generation such as Xbox falls off the market, PlayStation 4 continues to take flight. This translates into more exclusive gaming deals with developers and higher end games.

18. PlayStation 4 has a huge lineup of exclusives upon release

PlayStation 4 will feature exclusive titles such as the Killzone, Shadowfall, Infamous: Second Son, Deep Down, Knack, The Order: 1886, WarFrame (Console Exclusive), and The Witness and Drive Club (free PS+).

17. PlayStation 4 has more confirmed titles than other gaming consoles

Compared to the Xbox One (with only 49 confirmed titles), PlayStation 4 boasts of 57 confirmed titles. This number may increase with further developments.

16. PlayStation 4 has a portable option

PlayStation 4 offers PS Vita, a unique mobile option that allows consumers to carry around the game console in their pockets. Its vita remote play ensures that the accessibility and performance of the gaming console remains excellent.

15. PlayStation 4 has a GDDR5 RAM that can outperform the DDR3 of Xbox One

The GDDR5 RAM of PlayStation 4 initially outperforms Xbox One’s DDR3 RAM. This gaming console has the potential to make more room for more dedicated gaming memory compared with the OS, though Xbox One is said to have a higher amount of guaranteed dedicated memory.

14. PlayStation 4 has an upcoming Quantic Dream Title

The gaming console market saw a sneak peek of it at E3, and it was undeniably incredible. But Sony has more to offer than just that. Talks about the Dark Sorcerer, Singularity, and Kara Title have been going around for quite some time now.

13. PlayStation 4 has high-tech and user friendly controllers

The controllers of PlayStation 4 are high tech marvels with a touch screen in the center. It also features a share button as well as color-coded sensory bars which will interact with a light bar to identify depth, location and many more.

12. PlayStation 4 makes possible real-world identification and real-time sharing

As Sony pursued a significant social infrastructure in its PlayStation 4 gaming console, it integrated real-world identification, access to social media such as Facebook, as well as dynamic real-time sharing in PS4. This infrastructure will allow gamers to not just share cut clips of game play footages but also stream live game sessions.

11. PlayStation 4 introduces its new version of Blizzard

It’s been a while since smash hits like “World of Warcraft,” “Starcraft” and “Diablo” by Blizzard were released in the market and dominated the world of gaming. That is why Sony is happy to announce that PlayStation 4 will be released with “Diablo III.” How it will look like on console hardware is still a mystery for many, but it is certainly something to look forward to. 

10. PlayStation 4 will have all game titles available

Though PlayStation 4 currently cannot play PS2 and PS3 games with its current design, Sony assures the gaming market that through the utility of cloud and the existing streaming abilities of PlayStation 4, the hardware will soon become a huge library of games that all consumers will enjoy.

9. PlayStation 4 allows for remote play

Sony recently announced that with PlayStation 4, remote play between the gaming console and PlayStation Vita will finally be possible. PlayStation 4 boasts of its ability to take a full-fledged console game off the television set and into a mobile device that can be carried anywhere. It will utilize the streaming software of Gakai and convert the PS4 and Vita into a server and a client, respectively.

8. PlayStation 4 has better hardware specs than any other gaming console

Among the features of the new PlayStation 4 are its X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU, 8GB unified memory, local HD and GDDR 5 system memory. Altogether, these features promise a more powerful gaming console. All hardcore PC gamers will definitely be amazed by the initial graphic display of PS4.

7. PlayStation 4 makes downloadable games playable the moment they begin downloading

Unlike other gaming consoles, PlayStation 4 will allow gamers to play downloadable games even when they are still downloading. It provides basic online game play and functions for free. 

6. PlayStation 4 offers consumers what they’ve asked for

You can’t ignore the fact that Sony has listened to it’s consumers by keeping the used game market alive and on top of that, they didn’t have to retract any policies (unlike the XBox Live).

5. PlayStation 4 has a better design

Though the design of the hardware is often not an issue among gamers, PlayStation 4 offers an overall unique style that makes it an eye catcher among hardcore gamers. Compared to other next generation consoles such as the Xbox Live, PlayStation 4 has an arguably more futuristic design.

4. PlayStation 4 is region-free

Being region-free is a huge plus for the PS4. This enables games purchased from any region to be played on any console, so people who travel or like to import games will be able to play them without any problems.

3. PlayStation 4 allows owners to sell or trade games

Sony is allowing owners to sell or trade games without charges, restrictions and limitations. This means that you can let your friend borrow your game or even sell it you want.

2. Headset bundle with the console

Seeing as chat is such a crucial aspect of online gaming it only makes sense that you should make chatting easier. PlayStation 4 does this by incorporating headsets right into the controller.

1. PlayStation 4 integrates secondary chips to facilitate multitasking

Aside from the processing power of its AMD chip, PlayStation also boasts of a secondary chip that aims to aid in multitasking. These chips will be responsible for running the background tasks of the console, such as the delivery of social networking updates and background downloads even when the hardware is put on sleep mode.

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