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26 Important Hairstyles You Need To Try Right Now

1. The Far-Flung Side Part

Mariana Mikhaylova /!animals/c12hi

The side part is made more dramatic by flipping hair over at the outer corner of the right eye.

2. The Heart-Shape

Getty Images/iStockphoto Yangfei Wu

Just a classic butt-cut.

3. The Longer Lob

Getty Images Jupiterimages

This cut is the grown-out version of Beyoncé’s much-imitated “Yonce” wavy lob.

4. Platinum Hippie Hair

Getty Images/Hemera Vitaly Shabalyn

Re-watch Almost Famous to get yourself in the mood.

5. The Layered Lob

Getty Images/iStockphoto Yangfei Wu

Use a texturizing spray to enhance the cut.

6. The Subtle Side Part

Getty Images/iStockphoto lvaloueva

Part hair just a little left of your nose and use a firm hold spray to get extra height.

7. The Slicked Back Part

Getty Images/iStockphoto Maria Itina

Guaranteed to enhance any widow’s peak.

8. The Choppy Bob

Getty Images/iStockphoto pdanner

Ask your hairstylist to give you a razor cut to get this punky ’80s effect.

9. Short Bangs

Getty Images/iStockphoto cynoclub

They’re not just for rockabilly chicks anymore!

10. Salt and Pepper

Getty Images/iStockphoto cynoclub

New hair color trend alert!

11. The Reverse Ombré

Getty Images/iStockphoto cynoclub

If you have dark hair, get this look by only bleaching your top layer.

12. The Fanned-Out Farrah

The ’70s are back!

13. The Segmented Worm

It’s the new boho braid.

14. The Half-Up Princess Knot

Instead of using the layer of hair above your ears, sweep up only the hair that falls right above your forehead.

15. The Body Wave

If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, try a digital perm to get this look.

16. The Larry David

Lotta Brun /

Short on top, long on the sides.

17. The Judith Light

Use hairspray to flair out the top and the side.

18. The Brigitte Bardot

Part your bangs in the center and add a little bouffant on top.

19. The Long Layered Cut

Sanna Sander /

It’s a classic.

20. Long Wispy Bangs

For a little added mystery.

21. The Casual ’90s Hair Flip

You can channel Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy.

22. The Double Ponytail

Sooooo Mary Kate & Ashley!

23. A Grungy Bob

Azbelltas Kennel /

Kurt Cobain, is that you?

24. (The Longer Version)


25. The Short Chop


A dollop of mousse and you’ll look straight out of an ’80s Vidal Sassoon ad.

26. The Classic Ombré

Radomir Rezny/Radomir Rezny

Ombré will never die.

Run, don’t walk to your hairstylist!

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