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28 Everyday Decisions That College Students Are Terrible At Making

1. Work alone and get your studying done by 3 a.m., or go to the library with your friends and goof off until 8 a.m.?

2. Use the campus gym, or sign up for an all-you-can-eat meal plan and take it as a challenge?

3. Go on a culturally enriching spring break, or go on a blackout escapade to Punta Cana?

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4. Do laundry regularly, or run out of casual clothes and wear a skirt suit to class once a month?

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5. Be discerning and only join clubs that interest you, or sign up for a billion Listservs that will continue to email you long after you graduate?

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6. Do the assigned reading and speak knowledgeably in class, or SparkNotes it and hope for the best?

7. Get a full night’s sleep before your finals, or hang out with your boo all night and fall asleep on your Scantron?

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8. Befriend the campus librarian for easy access to reference books, or befriend the campus bar’s bouncer for easy access to free drank?

9. Do that problem set that’s due tomorrow, or decide that this is the exact time you need to do every chore you’ve been avoiding all semester?

10. Pay attention in your lectures, or become an expert at botany on QuizUp?

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11. Make responsible romantic decisions, or hook up with someone you will most definitely run into all the damn time in class/in some club/on your floor?

12. Get a flu shot before flu season, or get sick when campus turns into a repository of germs and disease?

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13. Know how to turn down a night of debauchery, or get turnt until 6 a.m. and nap in the bathroom at your internship?

14. Have self-control while working on your papers, or spend hours procrastinating then ask for an extension?


15. Hang out in lounges and dining halls like normal kids, or insist on sneaking onto roofs and getting in trouble with campus public safety?

16. Save all your TV binging for break, or develop a new show obsession right when midterms hit?

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17. Manage your time and get enough sleep, or spend all your money at the campus Starbucks just to stay awake until 2 p.m.?

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18. Keep track of your finances, or spend all your money on partying and not be able to afford any textbooks?

19. Do every reading when it’s assigned, or go into social hibernation before the final to learn four months’ worth of info in three days?

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20. Set ground rules for your suite, or end up hating the biffles you chose to live with?

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21. Start thinking about your career prospects early, or scramble to get an unpaid internship your senior year?

22. Make the most of your semester abroad, or treat it like a six-month party enhanced by open container laws?

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23. Make your own drinks, or trust the frat house jungle juice and wake up with no recollection of the last three days?

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24. Wake up when your alarm goes off, or skip one class and then decide you’re taking the whole day off?

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25. Spend your summer doing something meaningful, or rewatch every episode of The O.C. for no reason?

26. Be attentive at your school’s sporting events, or take too many shots of school spirits and black out?

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27. Do groceries and learn how to cook, or sustain yourself on Nutella and free pizza?

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28. Make responsible decisions and graduate cum laude, or make regrettable decisions and learn life’s greatest lessons?

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