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41 Interesting Choices That People Made On Valentine’s Day

1. Putting your face on some M&Ms and giving them to your girlfriend.

2. Giving a weed bouquet.

3. Giving a Hitler Valentine.

4. Throwing a fast-food potluck.

5. Putting your man on the internet, shirtless.

6. Celebrating with a loaf of bread instead of sweets.

7. Taking your girlfriend to a shark tank.

8. Making a heart-shaped pizza.

9. Heart-shaped meat.

10. Heart-shaped hair.

11. Wearing bibs.

13. Eating marijuana wax.

14. Going to the zoo.

15. Whatever is happening here.

16. Wishing everyone a Happy Plan B Day.

18. Very strong nail-art statements.

19. This Instagram from an animal rights activist.

20. Orange tulips instead of roses.

22. Making a point.

24. This divorce attorney’s marketing.

26. Asking someone to read between the lines.

27. Cool smurf gifts.

28. Beer + roses.

29. Serving this.

31. Writing a lovestagram to your protein supplements.

32. Giving someone 100 roses in a sphere.

33. An aerial yoga date.

34. A tie-dye rose

35. Saying it through your dog.

36. Going to a paintball party.

37. Making your sweetheart fried rice.

38. Sharing a Valentine’s Day lipstagram.

39. “He made me origami hearts and wrote on each one why he loved me.”

40. Sharing your lingerie.

41. Sharing a very intimate moment.

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