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60% of podcast listeners report looking up a product or service after hearing an ad

According to new data released Wednesday morning from Adobe, podcast advertising continues on the rise.

Podcast mobile app usage is up 60% since January 2018, and a full quarter of current podcast listeners have tuned in for the first time just in the past six months.

“The growing popularity of podcasts is indicative of consumers’ preferences towards convenience and personalization,” Adobe Analytics Director of Product Management Colin Morris told ClickZ. “Similar to SVOD, users want to consume their content on their terms and on their schedule. Consumers lead increasingly busy lifestyles, and they want content on the go – whether on their commute to work or at the gym. . . It’s something that can’t be replicated with traditional forms of content like text.”

More podcast listeners, more podcast ads

For advertisers, the rise in podcast listeners means more opportunity and perhaps a more engaged audience.

60% of podcast listeners report looking up a product or service after hearing a podcast ad — and a quarter of those searches turned to purchases.

What’s more, one-third of the people who listen to podcast ads report finding them more engaging than other types of ad formats — and 40% find them less intrusive.

“Brands using digital audio are seeing incremental reach that is nearly unrivaled by other formats,” says Morris. “Audio ads are reaching people that TV or video ads are missing, or not reaching at a high enough frequency to be effective. Almost 80% of audio is consumed in places where visual media can’t reach users – like smart speakers.”

Podcast quality increasing

Where content can be abundant and sometimes subpar, podcasts seem to stand out. The report found that 72% of podcast listeners believe the quality of podcasts is increasing. Meanwhile, only 6% of listeners think the quality is decreasing.
72% podcast listeners think quality of podcast content is increasing

One study also found that people have 4.4x better recall for podcast ads than for other types of ads.

Audio analytics platforms for marketers

Adobe has also just launched new Analytics for Audio service, which gives marketers abilities to:

  • Track content downloaded offline
  • Analyze ad engagement regarding length, type, time, etc
  • Content audio to other pieces of the customer journey including mobile app and page visitation

Back in July, Nielsen launched its Podcast Listener service, which surveys 30,000 podcast subscribers to create profiles that provide buying habits, interests and other details for specific podcast programs for ad targeting.

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