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9 Web Videos You Can’t Miss This Week

1. The Airline That Staged Its Very Own Holiday Miracle

The people at WestJet wanted to do something really special for their holiday marketing campaign. And judging by the looks on their passengers’ faces, they pretty much nailed it. (5:26)

3. Gordon Ramsay Edited To Sound Like He’s Giving Sex Advice

“Gordon Talks Dirty” was originally uploaded in 2011 but it just resurfaced and blew up this week, which is great news because it’s fantastic. Bravo, YouTuber 80gumdrops. Bravo. (2:21)

5. Mario Kart In Real Life? Mario Kart in Real Life!

This is one of the most glorious stop-motion shorts you’ll ever see. If Olivier Bolduc and Simon Lachapelle ever figure out how to do Rainbow Road, they should probably get a statue. (1:04)

7. The Very Best Sounds Of Christmas

Sound might not be the first sense that comes to mind when you think about Christmas. But this lovely video shows that the holiday season has as much to offer our ears as anything else. (1:14)

9. Wait, This 16-Year-Old Singer Sounds EXACTLY Like Elvis

There’s just no way someone as young as David Thibault should be able to channel Elvis like this. BUT HE DOES AND IT’S COMPLETELY INSANE. (2:25)

11. Watch This Adorable Stop-Motion Short Shot Through Google Glass

“Catch,” which is about a guy trying *really* hard to hold on to a phone number, is made up of 1,000 pictures shot on Google Glass over four days. It’ll remind you of one of those Pixar shorts in the best way possible. (2:44)

13. Your Moment Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Zen

Last weekend the Terminator visited the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas and was challenged to ride this tiny toy horse, so of course he did it. This is pretty much the best. (0:28)

15. One Kindergartener’s Holiday Surprise For Her Deaf Parents

Both of five-year-old Claire Koch’s parents are deaf, and ASL was her first language. So she decided to sign her class’s holiday concert as a surprise for her mom and dad. Prepare yourself to awwwwww. (3:41)

17. How A Small-Time Marijuana Arrest Ruined One Teacher’s Life

Alberto Willmore was a beloved New York City public school teacher who was arrested with a small amount of pot in 2011. What happened to him next will shock you. (10:36)

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