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A A Rashid The Qabalagad: 1Up On The Frequency


Wandaring Outloud says:

I saw a Youtube presentation in which, I believe, A. A. Rashid mentioned a study of a African birth in which the baby was born with the ability to speak. Can you tell me the name of that study?

Aja Auset Shores says:

I love ya personality Bro. A.A. Rashid. Big ups

Cameron Hill says:

"money brings us all together"….spoken like true mason.lmao

chach chee says:

Does anybody have info on the astrologer he is speaking about?

Brother Carl 3X says:

Peace to Brother A A Rashid. I met you July the 4th when the Masters were Gathered in LA. I knew that I recognized you from you Eastern Star Video. Anyway Bruh. When you get some time I had a question on frequency and energy transfer. Bro Carl PH Garrison Lodge #45

Sheldon Walker says:

3 represents man and 2 represents woman together its 5 points star. this is sacred geometry.

Sheldon Walker says:

32 does not equal man. 3 represents woman and two represents woman. added together you have 5 points.

Harry C says:

Shit you said Sun Ra … God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TGreenFilms says:

I hope u paying for that music too. Like y'all said "Ain't nothing free!"

TGreenFilms says:

How does smoking weed make you a real dude? That's our problem!

Salaam Ansari says:

Islam. You brothers are making the most sense. I have something for us. Everything isn't for everybody so contact me Qabalah God. This is Blood God, Admiral Zayd of " The Great Navy " You as well Red Pill.

TruthSeeker Ai says:

peace to the god AA rashid 1 love A.i eny

thenowchurch says:

Yeah Red Pill. "Pressure creates diamonds"
That is Cosmic Rastafari Alchemy to I.

thenowchurch says:

Good word on Jah Herb.
False Christianity got our people scared of a natural medicinal sacrament from the Creator.

Peter Jetson says:

1:40:51 "and how you going to tell me what to do with my mind"

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