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A Conversation with Nas and Michael Eric Dyson

Georgetown Professor Michael Eric Dyson and iconic rapper Nas analyzed the current state of hip-hop during a conversation in Gaston Hall.

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NuttyNuttinMusic says:

I understand what you mean Nas. And I respect you 100% as the greatest MC,
of all time. But what Chief Keef, Is doing with his type of “Music,” Is
glamorizing the violence that’s unfortunately going on In Chicago, right
now. Which equals to more violence at the end of day. Because young kids
thinks “It’s cool.” That’s just what I wanted to say, I know that people
won’t care but I just had to share that with you guys. Wonderful event,
thanks to the person who uploaded this and stay awesome!

Michael S. says:

I always found it difficult to listen to great MC’s such as Nas, Rakim &
Jay Z speak & convey their thoughts & feelings outside of music as their
outlet. KRS ONE is great @ giving lectures. 

Ivan Anderson says:

Who is the brother moderating the interview? They may have said his name
but I didn’t catch it, but would like to review his work, or may have and
just not matching the face with a name.

rtrain67 says:

Did this guy invent the Network Attached Storage?

Finessed Analyzer says:

This was really good.

whatever_it_takes says:

What a fucking joke.

EkinayaKomplex CelestialPowers says:

Dyson is so irrelevant it’s comical. He thinks he’s God, when really he’s
just talking loud but not saying shit. 

AKIL2013 says:

Nas and Andre 3000 ……fans of real Hip Hop lets continue speaking this
Collab into existence

Prasanga Perera says:

Professor mentioned that “being victimized by crime”. How come that the
plot is for black people to get got and while other minorities are good
with a 10 dollar polo and we got to have Nikes, Versaces and all the luxury
goods. These trends and greedy ass system keeps us getting trapped. Like
Nas dropped in a song ” Nigga gotta create his own job”. In Queens only job
you can get is slinging. While the Indians and Chinese own the stores. How
come?. I think like Malcolm X said ” It is a hypocritical system”. The
constitution says ” All men are created equal”. Yeah….right Amerikkka.

Miles Megaciph says:

Intellect at its finest. Thoughtful sincere speakers and leaders for real.
Thank you so much for making this talk happen. I pray people watch this and
take the words of both Nas and Michael Eric Dyson to heart; leave alone the
nonsensical fluff of our world and focus on the issues that matter.
One Love

Screwmatic says:

I bet if this interview was about Jay-Z, he would probably show up wearing
suit just to fit in the crowd. Nas has been the same face ever since i
first heard him in ’96. God bless him and good interview by the way.


the problem with the capitalism business teaching etc.. is that white folk
dont want you having a business…and they will try to shut you down and
prevent you from having a business…..they will let a few tokens be placed
here and there for propaganda purposes.. that’s it…we need something
else…..not sure what that is but black people starting business unimpeded
is a pipe dream….the same as going into the work place and thinking white
people will not discriminate against you as much as possible is a pipe
dream…its all propaganda and its bs…there will be a thin veener but
thats it…notice what happened when Dyson shouted out the potus…the
clapping stopped that should tell you something……

Intel-Pick says:

Nas’ statement at 13:35, speaks volumes to the crazy Donald Sterling
situation. Great interview, 2 Pac first double album in hip hop btw. 

k2datrack says:

Lost Tapes 2 is an album i’ve been waiting for apart from Detox…which
seems to be out the window btw…

Pat Patterson says:

Damn, I’d love to have been there. I wouldn’t have been the only white dude
either! Hip-hop will never never never die!

Jamiel Cotman says:

I love the question at 59:30

htownhomie06 says:

(I know, I know) but his answer at 1:17:00 is absolutely a conversation
parents, grandparents and elders absolutely MUST have with the youth.
there’s a lot of anger over situations and kids don’t know why. it’s the
whole concept of Sankofa full circle.

brizad187 says:

peterson killed it!

chillhomie7 says:

I loved this. watched the whole thing and its pure truth. Nas influences me
thru music and micheal eric dyson influences me thru his intellectual
teachings. wisdom knowledge overstanding one love

Wassup Fred says:

One of the greatest and rawest artist and all around people on this planet.

freedomandliberty93 says:

I found it funny that nas was low (sagging his pants) at a college

DEoWLsaidOWe says:

Engaged from beginning to end looking forward for part 2…

CarterMorgan8700 says:

That freestyle was hot! LMAO

Michael S. says:

God damn.. @ 21mins in, Nas lost of train of thought really fucked up my
whole train of thought. Nas fucked up here, the answer was simple. People
The Prison industrial complex is modern slave trade. We can get into the
whole lack of infrastructure in the form of education & productive program
in our inner cities as a cause to the youths making poor decisions which
lead to imprisonment. We can get into the lack of responsible parenting as
a cause to the youths running wide in the streets & then being thrown in
prisons (I see how he (Nas) could lose his train of thought) (the question
brings up many different problems) but the answer is still slavery. When
someone is imprisoned they become property of that state & are made to work
for pennies an hour & are subject to even worst conditions then they were
subject to while out in society. If you want to be free stay free, make
good & wise decisions not poor decisions. The 13th Amendment abolished
slavery EXCEPT in the form or as PUNISHMENT FOR a CRIME. 

Jamiel Cotman says:

Eric Dyson and Nas are an amazing duo.

Both intellectual.

Both hip hop and urban.

Both thinker.


htownhomie06 says:

one last comment @1:09:56 Distant Relatives is a slept-on masterpiece!

htownhomie06 says:

aw yeah @39:25–that ain’t a real hip hop crowd! LMAO, he had to S/O J.Cole
before they realized what Professor Dyson was referring to when he said
“Let Nas Down.” so jealous of those ticketholders though.

Kool Keith says:

Nas has been respected since his verse on Live at the BBQ on that Main
Source joint. its great to see a Mc get respect now and not after his
death. And his able to share his thoughts, and story with us.

Missy B says:

You’re sitting in the presence of genius, RECOGNIZE!!! @ 15:40 

Charles Tumazos says:

Michael Eric Dyson is really all over Nas’ dick….Nas sees past all of

Khuram Lockz says:

nas always says “erm” alot lol

Elvis Noriega says:

Listen, Nas is the best rapper and story teller in my lifetime. The
Professor is smart and has good points, but he is trying too hard to be
smart. Sometimes simple conversations resonate better with a crowd. Great
conversation overall. 

Jordan Sands says:

the point he is making while subjecting Chief Keef is that he is not
providing any substance behind what he is saying or even a solution on how
to maintain through it. he is barely even using actual sentences for that

Catcher Freeman says:

NAS and Homer, these Negroes are smoking crack.

Ryan Mingo says:

I couldn’t make out the name of the Nigerian author he mentions. Anyone
catch the name? thanks

Eran Vest says:

I was actually just reading ”The Poetic Principle” by Edgar Allan Poe and
Nas lyrics came to my mind so I had to put Illmatic on and see how
universal poetry really is.

KnowY83 says:

55:10 Thanks!! I need that wisdom.

Darren Morris says:

The meeting of the minds.

Leonard Doeman says:

It stats with the parents.

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