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A knife fell off my tray and landed like this


ShoopDeDoop says:

The title is spot on.

Takinsur says:


chemistrydoc says:

Just the tip

TheChinamanIsNotTheIssue says:

So i took a picture to post online. This was just too amazing to keep to myself. Look at how amazing this is.

jvjanisse says:

It fell flat on the ground, so wha… oooh.

rachiechilipepper says:

WTF is so special about a knife laying fl-ohhhh it’s in the groove! Damn brain

PapaBearLovesDaniBoo says:


alltheusernamesaregone says:

but no it’s the internet why would anyone lie for easy internet points taken from gullible idiots?????//???/??

demut says:

Your house seems titled. Maybe that’s why.

PDXGamer says:

They say when this happens that you can predict the future.

peterwolfgang says:

its a sign.

TeamRocketBlastOffAtTheSpeedOfLightSurrenderNowOrPrepareToFight says:

congratulations, you’ve just demonstrated quantum physics….I think.

Thoraxe123 says:

Bad angle for this

Sparkmane says:

World’s sharpest butterknife

piooo says:

I had one fall and stab me in the arm when I was ten. I probably needed stitches, but my mom just bandaged it and I still have the scar.

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