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A Message From Girl Who Survived Ex-Boyfriend’s Murder-Suicide Spree

19 year-old Kristen Loetz survived being attacked by her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Shallue. He entered her home with an automatic rifle, open fired and then killed himself. Kristen survived, but only because one of her good friends, CJ Abbott, was shot dead, in the face, protecting her.

No teenager should face tragedy like this.

Kristen Loetz is studying to be a nurse; she was away at school when the attack happened.

Her hometown ex-boyfriend, Ryan, appeared at her house one night with the gun. He began shooting, aiming to kill.

CJ rushed to Kristen’s aid; he saved her life, but was fatally wounded in the process.

Kristen and Ryan together, before he showed up at Salisbury University to shoot her in the face.

Ryan attacked Kristen and murdered her friend because of the breakup; they were once a happy couple, graduating from the same high school. But when she broke up to go to school an hour and a half away, everything changed.

The Ryan she once knew turned into a bitter young man, consumed by anger and alcohol.

Ryan was in a dark place, spiraling out of control which led to his fatal attacks.

Kristen was critically wounded, but thanks to her friend’s sacrifice, survived. As she has been recovering, she spoke out on Facebook, delivering a message that could reduce most to tears.



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