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A necessary repost to remind you that he's still around


LordPuffington says:

Fox news is great. Fox side shows are terrible. There is a difference.

LordPuffington says:

Seriously. The news program isn’t bad. The problem is people see politcal shows as news where they find giant idiots.

Amaunator says:

Much of the reactions against Brown is because of Team Breezy. Charlie Sheen and Ike Turner do not have ‘Team Breezy’s,’ so people forget.

MaleNurse says:

Right, but there are 2 that are less than that, and 2 more that come close.

MaleNurse says:

Well, they always claim to be balanced and the transition between news and opinion are also sometimes unclear. Agree with you on CNN.

MaleNurse says:

Your sentence doesn’t make sense, grumpy.

rocketpackpanda says:

someone on fox got it right, good for them

jaredisawesomeandstuff says:

i. love. this. man.

docchase says:

Why is Hawkeye apologizing?

allnose says:

Like any 24-hour news channel, they have a significant amount of time devoted to pundits, not news. Big difference.

CommitNoNuissance says:

Why is it so much worse to beat a women than to beat a man? What if Brown was gay and he beat his boyfriend, would anyone care?

TheBirdMan says:

True dat.

sunflash2009 says:


MaleNurse says:

What the hell are you trying to make a sentence about?

MaleNurse says:

I would say Fox is actually one of the most bias because of how they blend news and opinion, and their claim of being “fair and balanced.”

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