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A Nice Guy And A Fuckboy Analyze If You Should Meet A Guy From A Dating App IRL

Theres no woman on earth who hasnt frantically consulted her girlfriendsto help her figure outwhat a guy is thinking. Butthe only REALway to uncover the straight-up, honest truthisto go to the source: men.

Bobby Box, our self-proclaimed nice guy,isan engaged 20-something fromCanada. Treez Alexander, our self-proclaimed fuckboy,is a single-and-DGAF 20-something from Brooklyn. Together, theyre here tooffer you anuncensored lookinto the male mind from two very different viewpoints to help you navigate anydating, relationship or sex problem.

Email [email protected] with your name (orpseudonym), age and a description of your puzzlingsituation, and you could be featured in a future column.

Dear Nice Guy and Fuckboy,

I met this guy online whos miles away from me. We instantly hit it off and continued talking because he wouldbe in my city in a few months.

Im not the flirty type, so whenever he triedto flirt with me, I usually shrugged it off. (By the way, we had FaceTimed, so he is real.) Maybe because I always shrugged off his sweetness, our conversations diverted to platonic topics, like his travel plans.

Im not really comfortable meeting guys online, so I had secondthoughts about meeting him when he was in my city. I was waiting for him to convince me to meet him, but he acted cool about it, like, Its okay if you cant.

So, I ended up not seeing him. I felt really bad about it and I thought it would be the last time Id here from him because whats the point?

But as soon as he was back home, he messaged me sayinghe was so bummed we didnt see each other and he misses my city. Now, we dont talk regularly, but I still get messages from him once in a while telling me, again, how he misses my city or asking how my city is doing.

We dont have deep conversations, but I feel he likes talking to me.

Is he just bored? I feel like I like him, but maybe he talks to me only when hes bored. I cant figure him out. Should I continue talking to him? Ill be traveling to his city soon, and I dont know if I should see him. Help!!!


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