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A Southwest Airlines flight attendant, 1972


TheAcousticBadger says:

Her legs look like they are made from leather

ReasonablyUnattractive says:


RalphWaldoEmerson says:


imnoterroristimlarab says:

Id shag her

coyoteshockey says:

Those were the days as

Belckan says:

She’s not.

Belckan says:

I have yet to personally see one hot woman over the age of 65.

Matthew1991dm1 says:

Compare to Southwest flight attendant from last month:

ScandinavianRockstar says:

Today’s stewardesses are not as attractive.

Belckan says:

She looks 25 in that picture.

JeanChretien says:

you can still do that cant you?

WinterfellHorrorStory says:

We’re just downvoting the buzzkill. Nobody here is gonna go buy a woman or thinks like that, some of us do appreciate those times though!

artyjacobs says:

Love the good times back then girls were hot looking and dress that way too

the9thcircle says:

thank god we don’t do that with men. except for in movies. and in sports. and in music shows. and on news programs….

Wadup says:

imgur sexist? WHAT? Imgur is probably one of the most feminazi sites around.

the9thcircle says:

that’s right i’m calling you out you fucking hypocrites. how does it feel?

Triathlete says:

Sorry, but you missed the whole sexual revolution. ::sigh::

DeadRudeDonk says:


kitosho says:

thank god

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