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A Subaru Dealership In The Middle East Mocks Female Drivers In Post About A Fatal Car Accident

Subaru Emirates, a dealership in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, posted a photo of a photo of a fatal car accident captioned with “Women drivers at it again.”

The full text of the post:

Women drivers at it again.

An entire family has perished as a result of a grave mistake by a lady driver on SZR this weekend. A Jordanian woman parked her car right in the middle of the road on Sheikh Zayed motorway after it suffered from a tyre puncture. She ignored the driver’s warning to take her car off the road and fix the tyre on the hard shoulder area.

Unfortunately a driver who was passing through that area had warned the woman to instantly take her car off the road but that she did not listen.

Call it her ignorance, 4 innocent soul paid with their life including a 9-month-old baby boy. Another woman in the car was said to be seriously wounded.

Well RTA cannot put in extra parameters for women to check their presence of mind during crisis situation while driving, its all about being responsible drivers.

The dealership has since deleted the post, but screenshots were taken by the blog Alex of Arabia. The Subaru Emirates account originally tried to defend the post, saying “not anti-women bro, just pointing out few facts. Now we cannot ignore this fact the accident happened due to a women driver carelessness.”

The dealership has now posted an apology.

Larger comment thread available on Alex of Arabia.

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