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A Teen Was Suspended For Making Nearly $22K By Selling Candy In School


Tommie Rose is the back-alley Willy Wonka of his high school.

Rose, 15, has been threatened with suspension for buying candy and soda in bulk, and selling it to his classmates at a high markup during free periods.

So far, the Salford, England boy has earned nearly $22,000 dollars.

After years of watching competitive business television shows like “The Apprentice,” Rose began considering ways to start his own operation.

Three years ago, he sold his first piece of candy and began building a business model.

The young entrepreneur hopes to make enough money to pay for a business degree from a top university.

Since the beginning of Rose’s business, he’s “hired” two school-age employees, whom he pays about $8.50 each day.

However, Rose’s teachers have never been impressed with his business acumen.

Rose’s previous school, Oasis Academy, suspended him for 10 days in 2011 for the “black market” trades. His current institution, Buile Hill High School, is threatening to do the same.

James Inman, the school’s headteacher, says Buile Hill has a very strict healthy eating policy that’s promised to parents when they enroll their children.

Rose is ruining it by selling candy between classes.

He continued,

We admire this pupil’s entrepreneurship but school is not the place to set-up a black market of fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolates.

But, Rose’s parents, Gary and Tracy, don’t see anything wrong with their intelligent son trying to start his career a little early.

Gary told the Manchester Evening News,

“[Tommie]’s a typical teenage boy who saw what he wanted and worked hard for it. “


“He realised that if you want to get ahead in business and in life, you have to start at a young age…”


“He’s always thinking ahead and I think that shows an unbelievable knack at his age.”


If Rose is going to get ahead in the business world, he’ll have to learn to play well with others.


Here’s hoping he takes his flourishing business outside the Buile Hill gates.


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