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A vizualization of the average NFL game broadcast


NS0229 says:

and this is why many say football is better than football

DTOM827 says:

Hashtag NHL

catangel101 says:

YES! I hate that they are called athletes. So. Much.

canross says:

Hand egg

TsetseBall says:

And americans wonder why europeans like football because nothing happens…

glocksout says:

True Story: I turned on NFL to see what’s up. 15 minutes later nothing had happened. Turned it off.

shinji3i says:

They should just stop making a profit and donate all of it!Yeah! Screw common sense business practices! Theres no overhead in the NFL right?

muthangya says:

The game is comprised of four fifteen minute quarters; this inaccurate graph is second only to a failure to grasp basic arithmetic.

undeadlemur says:

TIL; OP is mathematically challenged.

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