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Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet) @ Political Asylum


immigreat54 says:

hilarious guy


fuck i hate pauline hanson i even devloped a plan to assassinate her loll

Sano1041 says:

He’s great! 😉

unboundprophetess says:

toronto! come to toronto!

Atayfordays says:

great! lol

nerfmanification says:

are you coming to America??

jbody19 says:

really like this guy.

Taimoor Shah says:

And you seem too stupid to be watching this

hellepi says:

hahahah i love you, marry me? : D

Noah Gokul says:

I wonder if your affluent, you seem too smart to be poor. THE SAME IGNORANT
ARGUMENT…can you quite generalizing??

18744cal says:

this guy needs to start touring man! im addicted! lol

dazebhen1 says:

@IamLav that is ignorant, just because a couple of religious people are
stuck up doesnt mean all are

bahiayousef1 says:

Please come do shows in america your amazing!!!

Riley Roe says:

OMGosh come to London!!!

buxton59 says:

we have created magic here !!! love the way you deliver the message to the
people – thank you – brilliant work

chhagol13 says:

this man is something. Aamer bhai chale raho

Am33ran says:


BlackPower991 says:


jbody19 says:


oumaam m says:

Sorry to burst your bubble mate. Because he is. Out of curiosity why do you
consider smart and religious mutually exclusive?

abdchehadeh000 says:

“HE seems too smart to be religious”??? Are u serious?

IamLav says:

This is great. Haven’t found modern and relevant comedy like this in a
while. I wonder if he’s muslim. He seems too smart to be religious.

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