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Accurate depiction of trying to walk down the street in the Canadian winter.


IKONStudio says:


cottenballs says:

Lost it at shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

roomforactivities says:

Walk like a penguin center your weight.

lickmesatan says:

i love gif

sleepy38 says:

How the hell didn’t she fall over!?!

IAmNotWhoYouThinkIAm says:

canadian black horse in the back is like: “ooh, I hoope that guy’s ookay”

bclinansmith says:

I’m gonna take this opportunity to comment on something that is headed to the front page. Headed? Heading?

Mrfirst says:

An Australian in Canada, us Canadians dont slip.

Figure8 says:

I wanna see a Moose slip while walking.

crustycrust says:

Haters gonna skate

Feench says:


TheyCallMeDexter says:

“Pfft…meant to do that.”

Raha95 says:

Trying to walk to the bathroom drunk.

lolzomg123 says:

How I feel when I hit a patch of ice taking someone’s new computer to their door.

JohnnieTheShrubber says:

That’s why we wear skates.

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