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adidas Originals Men’s Adissage Slides,New Navy/New Navy/Running White,9 M


Anonymous says:

You MUST break these sandals in before wearing them for an extended amount of time I bought these sandals because I liked the look of them and wanted a pair that could get wet. If you don’t plan on getting your feet wet while wearing them, I’d recommend getting a pair of cushioned sandals such as the Under Armour Ignite Slides. Those are by far the most comfortable sandals I’ve worn, but they take a while to dry so aren’t good for the pool or shower.The biggest problem with these sandals is you MUST break them in. I’d suggest wearing them with socks at first, or…

Anonymous says:

Feels great at first, but then the nubs start breaking off Pros:I used to own a pair of Speedo slippers that had the same massaging nubs that these do, and wanted another pair like those. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Speedos, but found these and they fit great, and had just about the same type of massaging nubs. So it checked the box there.Cons:Within about 3 months of owning these, the nubs started breaking off, especially around where the big toe sits (see attached photo). It seems that at least one breaks off every day…

Anonymous says:

my feet felt like they had been beaten with a meat tenderizer First off, two things to know about these sandals.1) They are absolutely miserable the first week or two. I made the mistake of wearing a brand new pair to South America, and after walking about 5 miles the first day, my feet felt like they had been beaten with a meat tenderizer.2) As they go through the “breaking-in” period, some of the nubs will break off rather than wear down. On my pair, however, this happened only in the high-wear areas and didn’t affect the…

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