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Adobe adds Journey Orchestration and marketer-friendly CDP to Experience Platform

Adobe is out with several enhancements for its Experience Platform (AEP), which allows marketers to create apps, deliver content and track data at scale.

The platform now supports customer Journey Orchestration, so that experiences – an email, a particular offer, some personalized content on a web page and so on – are presented to each user at the appropriate time in the sequence of steps between consideration and awareness of a brand’s product or service, and the actual sale.

Announced in June, the real-time Journey Orchestration with Sensei, Adobe’s AI layer, is now generally available. Product Marketing Manager Nina Caruso told ClickZ that while the platform could serve discrete actions previously and had analytics to describe journeys, it didn’t have the capability to automatically execute those actions for a single user at scale.

Real-time CDP service

Adobe has also released a Real-time CDP (Customer Data Platform) service for AEP that collects structured and unstructured data from any source, and allows the data to be grouped into profiles and utilized for creating personalized experiences.

There is also now real-time access to data from some sources, such as email services, call centers or demand-side platforms. Adobe announced the Real-time CDP in March, and it is now generally available.

While Adobe has previously touted its ability to collect and utilize data from any source, Caruso said that incarnation was designed primarily for management by developers and CIOs. In this newest version, there are tools enabling access by marketers – which, according to the Customer Data Institute, is actually one of the requirements for data feeds to become a CDP.

These new marketer-friendly components include a dashboard, campaign workflows, AI and machine learning tools for marketers, and out-of-the-box governance tools to allow marketers some controls on data, such as which data sources are appropriate for targeted marketing.

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