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Adorable Pig Is Saved From Slaughter And Grows Up To Be A Loving Pet

When Casey Jones visited a factory farm near her home in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, she knew something had to be done to put a stop to the heinous things she witnessed there.

During her visit, she saw that the many pigs and other livestock were in terrible shape, and even went so far as to rescue a piglet from the farm.

The then-three-week-old pig adjusted quickly, and has now lived with Jones and her family for over a year. If Jones has her way, you will never find her piggy pal on your dinner table.

Meet Raisin Jones, the lovable pig that Jones heroically saved from slaughter.

While most people call him Raisin, you might know him as Pigcasso.

Since joining Jones and her family, Raisin has acquired a knack for painting.

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