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AdRoll releases new Brand Awareness solution for DTC marketers

AdRoll announced on Tuesday the release of their new Brand Awareness solution. They say it “will help DTC marketers predict and pinpoint their target customers who are most likely to engage and convert into sales.”

Unified platform for DTC marketers

Many marketers use distinct tools for various marketing channels — but AdRoll points out that this can lead to “disjointed experiences for customers and inconsistent brand narratives.”

To counter that, AdRoll’s Brand Awareness gives marketers a unified platform where DTC marketers can:

  • Create consistent messaging
  • Deliver connected experiences
  • Measure the impact of campaigns throughout the entire customer journey

AdRoll president Scott Gifis commented on the announcement:

“D2C brands today are sacrificing direct customer relationships for the convenience of walled gardens without realizing the cost.

In order to deepen relationships with customers and control their destinies, marketers need to be able to see the entire customer journey, not just one touchpoint.

AdRoll serves as mission control for these marketers – unifying their data, channels, and measurement – to deliver connected experiences regardless of platform.”

Targeting capabilities, machine learning

AdRoll’s Brand Awareness tool offers six main targeting capabilities:

  • Contextual targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Interest targeting
  • Lookalike targeting
  • Retargeting
  • CRM audience targeting

It also incorporates AdRoll’s proprietary machine learning technology, which the company says yields more than 80 billion predictions per day, or 2.5 million per second.

Using the combination of a brand’s own first-party data and AdRoll’s second- and third-party data, marketers can hopefully better understand and attract customers across channels.


Per AdRoll, this solution differentiates itself from others in that:

“Unlike other awareness marketing offerings, which often assign all members of any particular audience the same value, AdRoll layers its proprietary machine-learning technology upon its audience targeting capabilities. This helps ensure each brand’s budget is spent on increasing awareness with the highest potential buyers for every unique campaign.”

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