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Adthena gets $14M Series A funding for search marketing intelligence

This morning, search marketing intelligence platform Adthena announced $14 million Series A funding.

The funding came from Updata Partners. They plan to use the money to accelerate the company’s US growth as well as to continue to develop and improve their product offering.

About Adthena

Adthena does “competitive intelligence through search.”

Every day, they process more 10 terabytes of new data, and index 500 million ads and 200 million keywords in 15 different languages.

Their main products provide intelligence around:

  • Brand Protection
  • Partner Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Gap Analysis, and
  • Ad Copy Analysis

Products such as these help companies optimize their content to be found by relevant consumers online.

Adthena was founded in 2012 by Ian O’Rourke, and they now have offices in London, Austin, and Sydney.

The company has more than 250 customers worldwide, including brands such as Autotrader, Air New Zealand, Atlassian, Citibank, Burberry, Toyota, and Volvo, as well as agencies such as GroupM. They work across 14 different sectors, such as retail and ecommerce, finance, travel, education, and automotive.

What makes Adthena stand out from other search marketing technologies?

Their commitment to AI in search.

As of 2018, Adobe found that only 15% of companies already use AI to drive their marketing initiatives — and a further 31% are planned to implement it in 2019.

So, Adthena seeks to be part of that investment. In fact, they claim to be the only AI-powered search platform in the world leveraging natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and deep learning.

Plans for the funding

Specifically, Adthena plans to use this funding to further accelerate their growth across the US and internationally, as well as to strengthen their paid search AI product.

This product has been built around Adthena’s patented “Whole Market View.”

Per their website, this Whole Market View gives users “an unrivaled view of your market without keyword or competitor limitations, monitored every hour and updated daily.”

Again, the company processes massive amounts of new data every day: 10TB, to be exact. Their machine learning algorithm also indexes 500 million adverts and 200 million keywords in 15 different languages each day.

Ultimately, they seek to present all that data to marketers in an intuitive, accessible format, so they can make the decisions they need.

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