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Adult Swim Writers Tim & Eric Talk Parodies, Justin Beiber & Jamaican Dancing


DrChocolateSK8 says:

Anything but black? He must have a shrimpstick poor guy…

BodgyHeats666 . says:

Ive been waiting a long time for this interview

Oprah Winfrey says:

Tim and Eric > Mobb Deep 

Krobb187 says:

These guys seem like straight loosers, like bro come on…#notnowsway

RiskymaS says:

Those guys are kinda rude… Am I the only one that picked that up from

G. Johnson says:

People in the comments actually think Tim is being serious. I feel like the
average IQ is quite low here.

RuggedALAN says:

Never once in a million years did i think sway would interview tim and
eric.. cool shit

D Palma says:

Tim was on Eastbound & Down.

AsianBuddha1 says:

I sense a lil racism from Tim Eric seemed to be a chill dude

Juan Garcia says:

2 comedy greats! 

Ian Bradley says:

I don’t even

eiojryeourtgjh says:

I hated when this show came on, as a teen, but I could watch everything

TapOutBass says:

Ya blew it

DeliciousJay says:

anything but

Emily Hickey says:

“Do some skits for us” ….

Ar Zz says:

this is the interview that the streets have been waiting for

Xavier Little says:

Tim is stupid lol.

KS616 says:

why are they giving Tim and Eric these news stuff.

Give them some viral videos or porn… 

Krobb187 says:

@mikehiggins hahahah all u loser can eat a D*ck…these guys were obviolsly
nerds, still are mad weird….nerds=looser…stfu

KS616 says:

those my niggas.

Castiel DeLosangeles says:

No black people at all HAHAHA!

courtneyjones12377 says:


Maxwell Savarino says:

Haha these guys are the best

courtneyjones12377 says:


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