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After Earth


Kelly says:

Not your typical Will Smith movie I’ll try not to give the plot away but my overall opinion is that this is a mediocre rental at best. I had high hopes for this movie as I’m a fan of post apocalyptic movies and futuristic movies. Adding Will Smith’s good acting to the mix had me thinking this was a sure hit. Unfortunately-the movie follows his son Jaden Smith, whose acting skills are less than stellar. Will Smith does start out in the movie with a majority of the scenes but 15 minutes into the film and his exposure is cut…

Pumhart von Steyr "PvS" says:

bringing a sword to a shower fight I don’t know why they still give M.Night Somethingsomething yet another chance to make a movie. One horrible piece of garbage after another.So you have M. Night’s talent for producing utter trash 10 out of 10 times, then this pathetic idea of promoting Will Smith’s son just because he is Will Smith’s son even though he can’t act better than a paper bag, plus you have a script that must have been written by someone completely stoned out of his mind and the result is predictable -…

L. Cabranes "LC" says:

Not a good movie I’m sorry to say I paid full price to see this movie in the theater. I felt robbed. I love science fiction and I am a Will Smith fan so what could go wrong? Everything. This movie was slow and the characters were not likable. The acting was horrendous and the plot….was there a plot, I can’t remember I was so bored. I’m sorry to say I will never get that hour and a half of my life back. I’m giving it two stars because the special effects were decent.

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