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After Show: Dress Fitting!


KaiserFailed says:

Oh lawd. Take me. TAKE ME HIGHER.

Hi, Marco.


LilReese728 says:

I start eating my subway sandwiches w/ the soak bread its gud, but Subway
is stingy w vinegar n oil. Cant wait to see Future next week. How u doing

legail1 says:

: D We Love that you Love us for watching(singing voice).

Mustafa Selat says:

Those were some goood jeans Wendy. Loves it

Alexander Leo says:

Wendy you looked super slim in those jeans. I loved your whole look today.
You look fabulous at 49 

Date Laugh Repeat says:

I am so addicted to the after show AND when will we get some more pre-show
vids?! Those pink Louboutin are love baby!

Tyler Ice says:

Tristan you’re so wrong for pickin that thumbnail…

Darlene Hall says:

Wendy do you plan on selling any of your size 12 shoes? That you don’t wear

dinabedina cormier says:

Really great Jeans! Look fab on Wendy~

All4Curls says:

Wendy I LOVE when you talk about food and drool as you describe your lunch
or dinner!!!! YUMMY I want to have lunch with you… All people will hear
is smacking and mmmm.

Mattie Ruiz says:


Manuri Senaratne says:

OMG Wendy!!! Love Love LOVE they pink python shoes!!

Jazzy J says:

Lmao at that part with Marco

iMarco Polo says:

sheesssshhh Marco is so damn cuteee !!

Jurea Richardson says:

And Wendy is hilarious when she talks about food! LOL

Dra Boogie says:

Damn, Marco is HOT!

charcolah says:

Wendy hilarious when she talks about food

DolceVita817 says:

You rocked those jeans #Jawdrop! Great look today <3

Markiss Bello says:

hun u need more fun interns! i like when u interview them! & u should
introduce us to more people who work for u!

myjuixce says:

Team Marco #Cute

niseynisey says:

Marco is GORGEOUS!

Vikram Jhan says:

Those patch jeans is a no no. $100 is not considered a great but either. It
just looks like a bad version of a knock off. Wear more dresses like the MK
one with gold chain details. Little easy on ur stomach area so ur body
looks proportionate. That black dress looked good on u Wendy! 

Baby Dinia says:

Your legs are not big !!!!! Wendy stop it!

chantell hilliard says:

Marco smells so good…was at Wendy show back in Jan and was in love with
his smell. 

MrsTurri2002 says:

What color lipstick are you wearing Wendy ?

thespannerbel says:

can you open a Wendy’s Deli please – and franchise it to the UK! Thanks! 

Tee Michele Poindexter says:

Love, love, love the aftershows! Love the pink suede shoes too.

mesweet2u says:

Marco is phine!

paul spark says:

I would hug Marko. Yum yum!!

Danni love says:

Hey Wendy Lol OMG I was watching the show and when you mentioned about the
Cologne smell. And you said. Only our Wendy After show knows What am
talking about, I got excited, I was like I hope Wendy remembers me Lol
.Well you know I always laughed when you walked passed Marco. And I Always
watched the After show even if I don’t comment. Today you looked amazing
with the jeans. Thanks again see ya tommorow XOXO

Caymiya says:

Man I wish I could smell Marco. I just wonder if its that strong. Someone
need to create smell o vision. Lol

bboi william says:

Oh my goodness you be going innnn on food girl! I thought I was bad but I
think you might have me beat! #Respect I bet your head turns side to side
from pleasure when you eat in private like mine does lol #LoveYouForBeingYou

megan r. says:

I’d hate to be her sandwich maker…. 

MrsCurlyMomma says:

I love the jeans on you Wendy, they look great. And those pink suede
Louboutins were amazing

Arwa NayNay says:

Love the outfit Ms Wendy! Just a quick question, what lipstick did u ware
for today’s show? Looks fab! 

g star says:

Marco has a beautiful face..smooth skin and pretty smile

Truth Reigns says:

Wendy. Thank you for even doing an after show. A lot of TV host wouldn’t
take the time of day to do that. That’s why you made because you work hard
and are willing to go the extra mile. Your jeans look great by the way.

Lu Anna says:

You look great in those jeans and the VS sweater! You should not be afraid
to wear lighter pants or jeans.

amarah yusuf says:

Luv ur lipsticks Wendy,we wnt to know abt that also.Wendy I really admire u
,when u said no taking breaks…its really encouraging,it really wnt us to
gv our all ,u say everything from ur heart.

Ronnie Vanna says:

you sure know how to describe some food Wendy, I don’t even like roast
beef you had me wanted to order one,

chapelhill1034 says:

Hi aunt Wendy love the jeans I dont really like going shopping trying on
stuff unless I have some with me that tell me how I look its just more fun
2 go shop with someone else BTW I love Joanie’s Mikey ears they’re so cute
love much dont ever change talk to you Friday 

Lola Rose Caprice says:

Oh my…. Marco is good on the eyes. Fresh to death. I appreciate a guy who
knows how to dress. 

Nemanja Radisevic says:

I’m maybe being dumb, but i have NEVER seen someones mouth water so much
when talking about food. Every time she even mentions food, I feel like her
mouth transformers into an waterfall. LOL

Yajaira Johnson says:

Thank you for the after show guys. Love that outfit! And yes to those pink
LV shoes! Thank you Tristan

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