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Ahoy, Ladies! There’s A Floating Strip Club On A Boat In Alaska (Video)

Instead of bringing rowdy fisherman to strip clubs in Kodiak, Alaska, a boat christened the Wild Alaskan floats strippers out to sea.

The one-time crab boat has become a lucrative strip club, welcoming 12 people at a time to take a water taxi to the boat’s permanently anchored location.

In a city that plays host to many commercial fishermen, the boat is a popular destination for those looking to get a little hedonistic.

Customers pay $20 per hour to charter the Wild Alaskan, paying even more for perks like lap dances.

The fee also covers the boat’s state liquor license, which allows it to serve when anchored offshore.

Darren Byler, who owns the Wild Alaskan, says he’s received very little backlash from the surrounding community, although an early false alarm resulted in a US Coast Guard investigation.

He said,

[The strip club business]’s been around for a while, so please give me the same respect that you give everyone else that’s running a legal, viable business that’s paying taxes. That’s all we ask.

The dancers, for their parts, say they’re making good money and feel protected by the boat’s management.

Stripper Destiny Pitman told KTVA she’s had little trouble since the club opened in late June.

She continued,

We’re treated like princesses out here… It’s nice to say I come to work on a $3.5-million yacht.

The next time you’re tempted to think of Alaska as a frozen, deserted tundra, just remember the Wild Alaskan. Happy fishing.

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