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All 12 Tribes Of Israel Are Black.


Benjamin Israel says:

Actually Moors were in the so called middle east first, but I see that they
narrator is trying to learn. In fact the Moor Nations of Shem, Ham and
Japheth were on all land masses first before the birth of the causian
nation of the Edomite.

Canaan-Ham became a servant but that doesn’t make him caucasian for clearly
records shows that the Moor Nations had many wars and holding each other
prisoner. Canaan means one whos serves. 

James Motown says:

Isaiah 29:22

lilboobieboi says:

this video proves the israelites were black what about now?

vvyperr7 says:

Hurry up with part 2..Shalom.

James Motown says:

Amos 9:7

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