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American Addict


Anonymous says:

An Informative Documentary in Regard to Addiction, Healthcare, Prescription and Nonprescription Drug Abuse, and Fraud This documentary gives excellent insight into multiple problems through the eyes of highly qualified medical experts. First there is the problem of addiction to prescription drugs. Interestingly, more people die each year from the use of prescription drugs that never should have been prescribed for them or from inappropriate dosages than from abuse of nonprescription drugs. Of course there is also the problem of addiction to nonprescription drugs as well. Addiction to prescription medications,…

Anonymous says:

Great film. Our government and higher institutions have been … Great film. Our government and higher institutions have been hijacked by corporate greed that will continue to grow like the cancer it is. Post WWII and Civil Rights movement, middle-class Americans had seen many gains in our quality of life, and unfortunately no one anticipated the very organized and systematic backlash that would be erected. Now, after almost 40 years of infiltration into our regulatory process, universities of so-called higher learning, agriculture and medicine, we the…

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