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Americans Will Spend $350 Million On Pet Halloween Costumes This Year


Sparkles the cat looks so good in her Princess Leia Halloween costume, you’ve already forgotten spending $19.39 (plus shipping and handling) on approximately 3 square-inches of fabric.

Sure, your Instagram followers will eat up the photos, but realistically, Sparkles is going to hiss and run away, sans costume, in about two minutes.

It’s something to consider, especially when this year alone, Americans will spend roughly $350 million buying costumes for their beloved fur babies. The National Retail Foundation estimates that almost three million animals will get dressed up to celebrate Halloween.

If you’re wondering, that breaks down to mostly dog-shaped pumpkins and hotdogs. Other popular ideas include devil, bumblebee, cat (?) and Batman.

There’s no real understanding of why we love to dress animals, but Yahoo’s Bob Morris suggests holidays bring out the little kid in all of us.

We love to show off our creativity and get a little playful — that includes goofing around with our pets.

It’s ridiculous to spend $20 on a tiny “Star Wars” cat bikini top, but no one can deny that Sparkles looks incredibly comedic.

Plus, the laughs the outfit bring us have to be good for our inner children.

via Vox, Photo Courtesy: Clinton Brandhagen

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