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Amir Argan Oil NEW “Touch Of Tan” Body Moisturizer Lotion 18 fl.oz – (Mega Size) with Acai Berry Extract.

Wonderfully moisturize &. beautify skin while gradually enhancing skin’s natural color & giving it Q healthy sun-kissed glow. A touch of sunless tanner provides mistake-free color while Argon Oil &. Acoi Berry extracts conditionskin tor a remarkable softness and vibrancy.
Argon Oil Enriched with Acoi Berry

Product Features

  • Ultimate Body Moisturizer
  • Tone and Firm Skin
  • Bronzer and Subtle Tan Every Time You Moisturize.

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LMW says:

Amir Argon Oil “Touch of Tan” Moisturing Lotion AWESOME PRODUCT. My skin is olive tone, and the tan is just slight enough on me to look like I’ve been kissed by the sun. No yellowing at all, so it’s safe for feet, elbows, knees, face. Fragrance is beautiful—-not like other self tanners at all. This one is YUMMY and dries so very quickly. One of the most outstanding property of this product is its moisturizing which is so saturated, leaving skin with a beautiful, healthy glow. If I want a deeper, instant tan, I use Body Drench Spray…

Charla "Charla" says:


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