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Animated Timeline of U.S. Navy SEALs’ Rescue of Captain Richard Phillips From Somali Pirates


vl Lucozade lv says:

I’m just back from seeing the film based on this story, it’s truly a great honor to have the US as allies.

Nick Freddy says:

0010agent4 I totally agree!! Konrad your a fucking idiot

angelswave88 says:

They are extremely awesome.

0010agent4 says:

Konrad Verner, that was the stupidest comment I have ever read in my youtube experience

Konrad Verner says:

We should go to war with Somalia and stop this shit once and for all. Death to all the pirates!!!!!!!!!! ‘MURICA FUCK YEAH

T Barr says:

Great day for America!

Richard Yin says:

this is a real movie

israelreyes00 says:

God bless the seals

tyler b says:

lol the U.S.S. Haliburton

mahmud omar says:

very stupid pirates they had agreat chance to get paid millions of Dollars
Death OR Victory.

abrahambenm says:

yeah, I played that part twice.

Wayne Powell says:

this was in the last medal of honor game.

Ranran Gogo says:

Captain Phillips

A chronicle of captain Richard Phillips and his crew’s encounter with Somali pirates.
Unlimited movies at

logicape says:

4:14 “best Easter ever”? I’d hope she’d have something more – like best decade? best possible outcome? I guess this barely beat out the Easter where she found 16 colored, plastic eggs and two had a dollar in them.

logicape says:

I don’t think they should be calling these thugs ‘pirates’. It gives true historical pirates a bad name 😉

CaptainRidley says:

USS Haliburton? What the fuck?!

Se7enBeatleofDoom says:

If it was not for COD and the Socom series. I bet most of the little kids that are dick waving and arguing who are better Seals or SAS. Wouldn”t even heard about the SEALS and SAS. Seals and SAS are men that are trained and ask to do a job no else can do. They need to stop thinking there combat experts for camping in COD. I bet most of them haven”t even fired a gun in they’re lives. They need to STFU and show some damn respect already!

xDvsking666x says:

Obama phone call: Sorry if we got brain matter on your shirt.

Rayniz604 says:

dude all these fucking 12 year old COD players need to stop being disrespectful towards British or American troops. I doubt the troops give a shit about “who’s better” they both can get the job done and don’t worry about that shit.

Slash396 says:

Not the SAS, that’s who. And there is no book that trainers follow, there are rules, but no one wrote a book for it. And rules constantly change. You’re crazy if you think the training and rules for Navy SEALs from over 50 years ago are the same for modern SEALs.

Matthew Johnson says:

who do you think wrote the navy seals training book?

Slash396 says:

I respect both SEALs and SAS greatly, but SAS never helped our special operations forces(not called Special Forces).

Slash396 says:

Don’t even relate that stupid game to SEALs and this rescue. I know it’s a joke, but still, this is real life skill.

45thundertrain says:


Will Alton says:

The US Navy: Not only will they shoot you dead from the fantail of a destroyer while you’re in a life raft in choppy seas…they’ll do it at night…on Easter Sunday.

neal916 says:

Respect for anyone in any part of any military, especially allies but SAS didn’t help train our special forces.. do some research. Charlie Beckwith served as an exchange officer with the British SAS program in the 1960’s, he then went back with that knowledge and helped better what we now know as Delta Force; and he did enlist the help of British SAS legend Lofty Wiseman but they did not “train” our special forces. Guided, but not trained- we came up with our own regiment. HOOYAH!

USMCpwnage4u2 says:

Get some SEALS! Glad Obama gave the OK.

Ayatollah Khomeni says:

not funny. shut up go back to cod and jacking off in chat roulette.

anepicmango says:

360 no scope off the boat is what they should’ve done

Dodgemanthe says:

and that’s why there the best of the best. it’s pretty rare to see SEAL’s in action but we should all be thankful that these men exist keeping our enemies awake at night. bottom line navy SEAL’s OWN.

GnomesAmok says:

halYburto, no relation.

teng her says:

what happened if the captin was black???…

abarbar06 says:

my mom was on the boxer….. sweet

Erika445566 says:


0420irie says:

uss haliburton… wow nobody caught that

Loskenne says:

those pirates seemed pretty stupid

desertdude1234 says:

The photographs were really cool. I would imagine the war ships must have really fucked up the plan. I think its interesting that they agreed to the tow line, I would imagine some people would have a gut feeling against a tow line, maybe not though.

They brought them onto the firing range.

FouchJustin191 says:

Epic Pwned, this is 3 shots hitting their targets simotaniously, srry if I misspelled. This proves how accurate and precise a sniper in the US Navy Seals are 🙂

TopGun8993 says:

That’s the difference between Spec. Ops. warriors and regular units, when you kill 1 to 3 thousand and they kill 19. It speaks for itself. Two of those Delta guys also volunteered to be dropped in alone to secure the downed helo. They knew it was suicide, but they also had the training and confidence to do some serious damage on the enemy. After killing over a hundred Somalis, they were overrun and killed. They both received the Medal of Honor. You are a fuckin coward for your statement.

TopGun8993 says:

@HawiyeLand-Nobody ever claimed that Spec. Ops. warriors can’t be killed or overrun. These men were shot down in hostile territory. No friendlies were on the ground. They really didn’t have a chance.The U.S. force that came after them did. Delta Force, 75th Rangers Reg.,10th Mtn. Div.,160th Spec Ops Aviation Reg., a 4 man unit from SEAL Team 6, and a Pararescue/Air Controller. This force killed between 1 thousand and 3 thousand Somali dinks. While loosing only 19 men.

derp herp says:

That was 10 Mtn div and Delta force..

Jreagan1277 says:

My uncle was there & you best believe if he read this comment, his “extensive training” in question would be the first thing on your mind as he fucks your world up in 142 different ways. My suggestion to you is praise the military & beg for them to continue to do what they do. At the end of the day, no politician, no actor, no rock band, nor news ANALyst will protect you. These men & women give their lives for you everyday. It would be best for everyone if you MOVED TO MOGADISHU!

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