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Anna Kendrick, Misogynist Penis-Haver


copaceticbatgirl says:

Pitch Perfect.

catface1468 says:

I love her. Thats really all I can say. I love her. She could turn me!

copaceticbatgirl says:

She does the rap from No Diggity.

theMightyPlatypus says:

could have stopped at “I was in a hottub surrounded by bitches”.

copaceticbatgirl says:

Good point! In fact, that frame can totally stand on its own:

nevernudezach says:

Are you a gay man or a straight woman?

copaceticbatgirl says:

Perhaps both…

ChalupaRatman says:

No u.

CreatingUsernamesGivesMeAnxiety says:

Same here.

PeanutBuddha says:

10/10 would be one of her hot-tub bitches.

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