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Another anti-White commercial from State Farm Insurance


MIvarsson99 says:

But the white guy still gets the girl at the end while the black guy gets NOTHING.
So how the hell is that racist against whites?

MIvarsson99 says:

There are no winners in this commercial.
The white woman is stupid and the white man is an ugly tool, but
both have sex lives and friends. The black man is smart but can’t get a date.

If I were forced to call this commercial racist, I’d say it’s against blacks.
Only the black man is forced to be lonely at the end.

MoralInvasion says:

With all this anti white crap in commercials, who the hell is their target audience? A black, largely poor minority? It doesn’t make sense. Why not pander to market forces?

Demetrius Sage says:

Not only is it anti white but just look at how they are attacking people that get informed on the internet. Its like saying you are an idiot if you don’t get your news from jewish news stations.

John Lennon says:

Thanks for posting all your videos. Looks like I’m not the only person who’s noticed these ads designed to brainwash whites into thinking they’re the idiot minority. Unbelievable what this country has become under Obama and his racist regime (which includes the non-Fox media).

jenniva2005 says:

It’s not one-sided at all. Other races,not just Black and White men, suffer the same ills. You just pointed out that it wouldn’t be funny if a “black thug” was used instead of a white man. Usually, ‘thugs’ are portrayed as such and they are usually in the news because they’re up to no good. Like I said, I think it’s funny, therefore I laugh.I don’t need your permission. It’s not because it’s “poking fun at the white guy,” but bc the guy obviously doesn’t speak French and the lady fell for it.

TheTennispro1ify says:

White nationalism is code for anti black.

hevechvy says:

how funny is this? reverse the roles. Smart, young, preppie white male talking to a black woman and a black thug with his pants hanging down walks up. how’s that gonna fly? huh? i’m sick of this one-sided shit and i’m tired of white men being the butt of every joke and the scapegoat for all the worlds ills.

hevechvy says:

how funny is this? reverse the roles. Smart, young, preppie white male talking to a black woman and a black thug with his pants hanging down walks up. how’s that gonna fly? huh? i’m sick of this one-sided shit and i’m tired of white men being the butt of every joke and the scapegoat for all the worlds ills.

hevechvy says:

ok, YOU are an idiot if you don’t see that this and many, MANY more like them are deliberately choreographed to boost the image of black people at the expense of, MAINLY, the white male.Yes, of course, it was a *dumb* blond joke, but if you don’t think it’s racist, reverse the roles. Smart, young, preppie white male talking to a black woman and a black thug with his pants hanging down. Is it racist now?

jaysharp34991 says:

@ptbwf I see it. We need to stand up

jaysharp34991 says:

Also, the general. The white guy is always the butt of the joke in all of these commercials.

jaysharp34991 says:

Straight white man here. And I agree if it were in only one commercial, it would be a coincidence, but it’s in a lot of commercials. The king of cash commercial, the white guy looks over the booth as if to look at the black mans penis and then looks mad. That’s bs to project that negetive stereotype about white men on televison. Also, the late night commercial with the white guy and the black guy ordering food where the white guy isn’t paying attention. Bs.

jenniva2005 says:

my goodness! people can’t even laugh anymore because someone might be offended. guess it’s alright when white men/people are depicted as heroes all the time and black men/people are in the news for doing something wrong. I honestly just laughed at the “bonjour” because it was funny. ok so white people believe themselves to be the “smartest” and “above other skin complexions” and are offended when the rest of the world believe that not to be so. c’mon!

Marvel Avenger says:

This isn’t that bad c’mon guys this ad isn’t that bad

SteelCurtainD7694 says:

Actually I am neither blind nor deaf. I do have a moderate case of myopia coupled with an astigmatism and am auditorily sensitive. I am incredibly moronic though, since I do not believe in every conspiracy theory contrived by man.

ifoundsage says:

Ptbwf – I’m a straight white man and you’re really reaching.

Crispus Turner says:

AntiWhiteMedia, are you that dude from Kid-n-Play, the one with the giant high top fade?

ptbwf says:

It is called misandry, look it up.

ptbwf says:

You are blind, deaf and incredibly dumb if you honestly don’t see the blatant hatred against straight white males from liberals.

Knuckle Dragger says:

Start asking where your tax money goes or why your White kids get last pick when college enrollment time comes, or why that sista-girl in your office is somehow more deserving of promotion even though she just started there.

jeff9487 says:

fuck you.

scdevon says:

The “Dumb white person / Smart Negro” routine is absurd.
I like how in other commercials they always show houses being burglarized by white men, too.

WesternCiv2050 says:

State farm always has over the top super-smart black guys to the rescue helping..
Whitey lol i mean its a theme over and over with those guys.

kobie8819591 says:

I dumped all shit farm insurance please dump them now

CapiTen10 says:

I know full well what is out in the real world, these commercials aren’t about the real world. If White guys being presented as beta nerds, undesireable to white woman, whilst blacks are promoted as alphas were isolated & rare i would not notice them, but i do noticed it along with others because they’re recurring theme common in our media. Just look at this channel and watch a few examples for yourself.

krtkshk2789 says:

Bro, you’re seeing everything through the eyes of race. There are plenty of NERDY black guys just as there are numerous “DOUCHEBAG-GETTING-ALL-THE-GIRLS” white guys. This is just nerdy vs. cool! No need to turn it into a race war!
ps. I’m neither white nor black, so I have no bias against either!

CapiTen10 says:

It’s genocidal propaganda. The take-away meme here is that white guys are genetically inferior losers who must not be mixed with. Only a pathetic, non-self-respecting, easily hoodwinked, non-hip-to-the-twenty-first-century woman would find herself paired up with one of these white genetic cul-de-sac tidepools.

Michael Anderson says:

LOL, thats a funny commercial

brian coate says:

Obviously the poster has bad taste in men. I would totally do the well dressed smart guy rather than that nerd.

brian coate says:

I just flagged your video, racist ass hat.

ThothXx says:

Well you certainly are confused, as most pro-mixing churchtards are. Go wait for the Rapture.

Brian Lucas says:

Not so much, nig. And not even close on who you think I an

ThothXx says:

I agree with AWM, your comment makes no sense. You are probably a big fan of Glenn Beck and probably think that Martin Luther King was a conservative and that America was founded to be a melting pot. lol

You claim there’s no racism about this ad then you admit it’s a skit to make blonde people look dumb. See how that just went in one of your ears and out the other?

AntiWhiteMedia says:

Yeah I’m 100% opposed to race-mixing, so of course I voted for our first racially-mixed president. You must watch a lot of TV/attend a lot of church. That is why your comment makes so much sense.

Brian Lucas says:

Comment solely for the poster. You’re a douchbag. This has nothing in the world to do with racism, whatsoever. This is a dumb blonde skit that’s played over and over again for years – because it’s cute. If you think this is racist, then you’re obviously the racist here because you’re looking for it… And beyond a shadow of a doubt, you voted for the current loser in chief, the O’ dum bummer,

Jason Hops says:

Why do you hate White children so much that you DEMAND the countries built for them centuries ago be given to 3rd Worlders ?
The attempt to destroy, in whole or in part, EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

Venturin31 says:


Roderick Bateman says:

In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are celebrating the coming status of ALL and ONLY white children becoming minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

LeviathanOrb says:

negro infestation

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