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ART OF SEEING: A World Of Imagery Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden’s oficial site – “Learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose” Indira Gandhi This process i…

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Baily Emmett says:

Yay! I’m so excited!! :)

MirakuruStars says:

thank you thank you!!
I noticed quite a few of your videos are for people who can already
visualize well and I was hoping that you would make a video just like this

Lilian Eden says:

This video is made specifically for anyone who wishes to improve upon
‘seeing’ images, or visualization. I say practice is the only way… I can
discuss what you can do, but I prefer to have you experience the wonder of
developing your ability to see. Enjoy…

Dbaby Knoch says:

Can you do like a 15 minute one we could use to get our minds straight for
work? Or on break? I work twelve hour shifts and I’m always in such a hurry
or groggy. It’d be nice to have something just energize us and get our
blood pumping, without having to blast crazy music lol You’re videos help
me so much btw thank you!!!

ann marie worrell says:

thank you….rainbows and beautiful water……envisioning this amazing
house and piece of land that we would like to own….oh yes….it is on
it’s way….this is such a wonderful meditation….grateful…have a
Blessed day…

Hans Erik Hess Eriksen says:

Very good! 

Jeanne Morgan says:

we all have question[ complex or simple ]. i hope you decide to take my
question on as well. i meditate 4-6 hrs per day. it has changed my life in
every way……..60 lbs of weight loss, second home that fits my 5 kids.
but most of all i have been shown how truly connected we all really are.
and what connects us all…..i would love to share further. this was shown
to me in a vision by a 500 ft tall bronzed skinned, golden dread-locked
version of myself………………..i just need to learn how to slow down
the over flow of extra energy i feel…….i will continue to search my
centers for insight, but i would love some direction……………thanks

Eileen LeDonne says:

Thank you Lilian for all of theses amazing meditations, they have changed m

Christina Lee says:

I’m about to embark.
Have a beautiful day Lillian.

Vũ Khiêm Phạm says:

thank you so much Lilian ! But i still wonder that do i have to open my 3rd
eye to get more vivid visualisation or just sticking to this video ?

irisharse99 says:

My best friend and i just formed our own company and your videos help me
quite a bit. Thank you

yukkopsae sbn says:

omgg i just was trying to figure out how to see other beings of nature and
thinking of how wonderful this world is and tada !! youtube recommended me
this !! this is pure sinchronicity .. love your work , Lilian <3

MystyicAce says:

Hi Lilian, I just wanted to tell you that even though I’ve been doing
visualization, meditations, etc.for awhile, this guided imagery has helped
me so much! It just goes to show you that you can always improve on
anything & everything!! There will never be perfection in the physical
world but you can still get so much out of improving yourself & your
skills. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. You
are so appreciated! Many hugs,
~ Stacey

eve nucaro says:


Kevin Johnson says:


Emily Stair says:

Thank u lilian ur Love radiates always 🙂 and right back at u 😉 xxxx 

Amanda Larsen says:

Thank you Lilian!

Kelly Marumoto says:

Beloved Lilian 🙂 I have been listening to The K. Howell Universal Mind
meditation and last night checked to see if you’d posted anything
new….Your newest videos, as well as an old one I had not thought applied
to me, lol, are the beautiful and priceless gifts which I discovered. If
our growth in this area is helping expand the Universe, then I feel certain
that you are already more than one kind of star 😀 Aside from eternal
gratitude ;-), and heartfelt flattery, I have one other thing to contribute
here, a request to proffer: that being that you make available a meditation
for children! I had many of these ideas in some form of “wonder” or another
as a child, and learned to put myself to sleep at night saying “Thank You”
for every single thing that I loved, from people, to animals, to colors and
smells. My little niece also has trouble settling down at night, she was
due on my b-day however arrived 4mo. early, a beautiful, healthy,
inquisitive and observant 6yr old now, I have searched for children’s
meditations for her but have yet to find anything, whatsoever – as spoken
from grace and free of worldly pretense as your gifts here are. With Love
and Purrs, Kelly and The Cats~

Daniela Dogioiu says:

Thank you Lilian; your meditations are always brilliant! 

Cheryl Clark says:

I need your opinion, Lilian. I am an older lady living on a fixed income
and had been looking for something that could supplement my income. The
other night, I was doing one of your meditations in which at your
suggestion, I asked the question, what is my path to making extra income.
The strangest thing happened. During the meditation, a tree branch, wet
with dew jumped before my eyes in 3D. It was enough to give me a start.
After regaining my silence, again another branch jumped before my eyes and
playfully threw its dew into my face.
The strange thing is I had made decorative items to hang on walls using
tree branches. I was going to sell them, but set them aside and did
nothing. Since I am new to meditation, could this be a sign to me to pursue
that avenue?
Although I believe completely in receiving messages, can it be this simple?
Thank you so much.

Emily Nakisher says:

I love this exercise, thank you! I can see colors and when I’m trying to
see an orange I saw a yellow vw bug. Not sure why but it’s something.
I’ll need lots of practice.


love was very good..

zoe levey says:

Hi when is the best time to meditate and get visualisation? I have been
practising but fall asleep as they relax me so much. I need some advise

Monica Olivia says:

thank you sooo much for this meditation! I loved it!!
What is the name of the harp song playing in the back …. I LOVED IT!!

Emily Stair says:

THANKKKKK U … You are amazing and your meditations are so relaxing and
beautiful and have helped me open my mind and know myself and ways I did
not know was possible I am so thankful for you and all that you do you are
beautiful 🙂 namaste 🙂 xxxx

FLLadyRiverRat says:

My soul directed me to you, this morning and I am SO happy it did! I
started with your third eye activation, but my computer died, before I
could really get into it. So, I went and hooked it up. I, then, saw this
one and was surprised, as one of the specific things I knew I needed was to
“see”! I unplugged the cord, brought the computer over to my couch, and set
everything up. I, then, sat back and went with you through this. I could
see the images, almost clearly, this first time! When you say, “Now go
where you are happiest”, I ended up on Clearwater Beach in FL…I grew up
in Tarpon and went there often as a teen, but I saw it all clear. There was
a cloudy moment, but my mind went to the white and as I stepped back a
little at a time, I realized that I was focused so intently on the SEA
SHELLS that I had panned right into them! Right before it was over I was
greeted by a shark and his image/color was SO clear! Thank you!!!

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Amanda Larsen says:

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