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As an asthmatic, I agree. It ain't easy.


MPinky says:

I thought this was a Lego character’s Leg for the longest time; I was incredibly confused.

TheMariachiGuyOnBottlesOfTapatio says:

Puff, puff, gasp.

SirAwesomeTheThird says:

Isn’t that asthma medicine tube for kids…?

b00h00 says:

So when are you gonna finish that Mega Man tattoo?

kazhi says:

But apparently reposts are easy..

youdontmesswithzohan says:

This Shit is cheese

JimmyMcperson says:

Lil Wayne will think this is about him

youdontmesswithzohan says:

op is a fucking kiwi

ArabManWithBigBeardYetNotATerrorist says:

As a doctor, no.

NegroCommunity says:

You mean an Inhaler?

ShortGiant says:

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. agrees with you.

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

Especially Wheezy the toy penguin

sighnomore says:

I’m 22 and I have the exact inhaler…

NegroCommunity says:

There’s a chance for a high guy meme here, but I’m to lazy to do it.

Ziillie says:

Sucks to your assmar!

bobdole12122 says:

This is the type of tattoo people regret in 6 months. Even more in 6 years. And get removed after 16 years out of shame.

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