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As I've gotten older, my perception of this guy has changed quite a bit.


Cecemi10 says:

This man is the epitome of what I want to become.

snitchinbubs says:

As a kid: “His daughter’s hot.” As an adult: “His new daughter’s hot.”

skywards says:

Well, he did and does represent a life I want to be as far away from as possible.

cardboardisdelicious says:

As an adult… me.

TheThirstyMoose says:

did she have poofy red hair and a nasally voice?

ioverexplainthings says:

Does it smell like All Bundy’s balls?

karmabot says:


StaturorytrOy says:

I commend your proper use of the apostrophe

paarthurnaxxx says:

Or the grinch

TriangleDimes says:

*sigh* Yes Typical Imgur User, like Squidward.

ihavethepower says:

Actually, just one piece of duct tape on the mouth.

domesticoddness says:

He was such a hateful man for no reason.

SerWilliamHunting says:

W: I can’t believe you said that to my face. Al: well is say it to your back up my car only has a half tank of gas. Al=Hero

droidobscura says:

This was an awful show.

DanielNicolai says:

Oh, or your entire family dies in a hospital explosion or something, that’s another way out. Otherwise, Man up and do your job.

DanielNicolai says:

My daughter turns two in May. We tried hard for her (5 years). Wives that split are also useless in my book.

LooksLikeTheFatFairyBeatHerWithTheUglyStick says:

No, like they are both on hit shows right now. She’s the matriarch on Sons of Anarchy, he’s the patriarch of Modern Family

Zennistrad says:

Squidward actually WAS an asshole in the earlier episodes, though. The best example was the one where he tried to teach art to Spongebob.

DanaDane17 says:

I’ve always thought of him as a hero.

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